Published on May 14, 2018

For a little extra inspiration, the Domino editors’ favorite Instagrammers takeover our feed each weekend. It’s safe to say tips and covetable images are aplenty. Here’s what you need to know about the most recent feature!

Designer and stylist Erin Conway of Kismet House has a penchant for creating bright, airy spaces that feel layered, colorful, and unique. It doesn’t always come easy, though, and she’s no stranger to tackling some interesting design challenges, thanks to her 1970s beach house’s unique architecture. Conway took over Domino’s Instagram feed to show us how to embrace the eccentricities of your home’s architecture, funky angles, low ceilings, and all.

Don’t fight it 

There is so much dimension going on in this corner of Conway’s house, yet somehow it all just works. In this case, a gallery wall draws the eye upwards and accentuates the high ceilings. Instead of becoming overwhelmed by a space that has a lot going on architecturally, focus on one specific area to highlight. Don’t fight it, as Conway says, “embrace the quirk”. 

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"Here is our family room and again, I'm showing off those funky angles. In this space, we have a long narrow window and a two-story expansive blank wall I had to make play nice together. This corner was my Everest. How to make it look "finished" without over-cluttering it was key. So I chose to emphasize the height on the window wall. The window already lends itself to that, I played it up with an oversized mirror and natural fiber wall hanging. Then on its counterpart, instead of drawing your eye up, I keep it low. Grounding the wall with a dark wood ledge and oversized artwork. Making a strong and substantial focal point. Your eye cant help but be drawn to that feature and doesn't feel the desire to wander up looking for more." Photo and design by @kismet_house #SOdomino

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It’s all about balance

Between the angled wall and long, sloping window in the family room, Conway had quite the challenge with her living room layout. Here, she struck a balance by layering two wall decor pieces (a round mirror and macrame hanging) above one another to draw the eye up and play up the scale of the wall, juxtaposing those with a grounded wood ledge and artwork. Though she addresses this corner as her “Everest”, we’d say she mastered it like only a true pro could.

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"Still me, @kismet_house, although I would not be surprised if you guys are confused. Is this even the same house? I know, right. This room looks nothing like the other spaces in our place, which was totally intentional. It's our kids' shared room and we wanted whimsy. We kept it light, bright, and cheerful. I call it our cotton candy room; so sweet you'll get a toothache. But one theme remains: angles. With a sloped ceiling making that beam the lowest point, which is why we chose to make this the seating and storage area. Get low, get cozy. While the beam may emphasize the lower ceiling height, it also creates a strong focal point and again embraces the quirky angles of this 70s abode. We dig it and it's our favorites spot to play with our cubs. Well everyone, I had a blast taking over @dominomag today. I hope you've enjoyed this peek into our space!" Photo and design by @kismet_house #SOdomino

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Select decor accordingly

While you can’t exactly change the architecture of your home without majorly investing, you can chose decor that will work with what you’ve got. In this case, that meant selecting seating and storage options that worked with the low ceiling. Conway made the most of what others may have left alone, creating unused space, thanks to configuring the room’s layout in a way that made sense for her family.

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