Published on May 22, 2018

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"Hey there! @Emily_Katz here, sharing some tips for bringing macramé into your home and garden this season. I live in Portland, OR where summer is our favorite time of year. This year, I am on a three month road trip across the USA to promote my new book called MODERN MACRAMÉ (@modernmacrame). Let's get started! You might have seen playful collections of hanging planters hanging from driftwood across the 'gram. To make your own installation, select (forage or gather) a nice straight piece of wood, an odd number of plant hangers of different colors and lengths, choose a few of your favorite flower vases, pots, and ceramics, and select a mix of plants, tropical foliage and flowers, and you are set! Make sure whatever you are drilling into can support the weight. The plant hangers get heavy when full of water!" Photo and macramé by @Emily_Katz #SOdomino

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For a little extra inspiration, the Domino editors’ favorite Instagrammers takeover our feed each weekend. It’s safe to say tips and covetable images are aplenty. Here’s what you need to know about the most recent feature!

We love following Emily Katz for her endless Boho inspiration, and macrame, of course. Just in case you didn’t know, she creates installations and teaches the art of macrame in workshops around the world—and is also a creative consultant and interior designer.  She learned the craft from her mother at a young age and has since expanded her skills to create various home decor items. Most recently, Katz launched her first book, Modern Macrame, that is a contemporary guide to the craft. She takes you through the basics of macrame, provides instructions for everything from creating effortless plant hangers to wall hangings, lighting, rugs and so much more. All you need is some string.

This weekend, the skilled artisan took over Domino’s Instagram feed to share tips on how to add modern macrame into our homes this summer. 

First up: the rustic hanger you see above. It’s made up of a few different hanging planters and is a great way to bring life into your home over the hotter months. 

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"This room is in the home of my friend @Anne_Parker, who was also the stylist on my book. We shot the "Summer Solstice Mobile" over her bed because it fit so perfectly there, almost like it had always been there. Bringing a little bit of whimsy to your bedroom never hurts. Imagine waking up in bed and letting your eyes absorb the shifting knotted cord and glinting brass beads instead of going right to your phone (guilty here!!). This project is also really wonderful for a children's room or playroom. It can be modified in so many ways. The shapes also resemble rings, and would be super special as a wedding backdrop if you made larger versions of them! I always find that with macramé, your inspiration is all that is stopping you." Photo by @nicole_franzen, macramé by @Emily_Katz #SOdomino

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As boho decor continues to gain popularity, designers continue to get more and more creative with their craft. We love this ethereal summer solstice mobile that’s placed perfectly above the bed. As Katz mentions, these are great for any room of the home, including the kids’ room, and relatively easy to make. 

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"The ‘Celebration Garland’ from my upcoming #modernmacramebook is perfect for a garden, or draped over a summer tablescape or picnic. We shot this photo in Copenhagen in the home of a really wonderful stylist and even though it was a chilly May afternoon, the greenhouse was toasty and cozy. Play around with the color scheme to match (or mismatch) your furniture and have fun! This project is a really wonderful one to do with a group and also a great way to use up extra scraps of rope! String up a long stretch of rope between two trees and then add mini wall hangings all along the cord until it is full to your liking. Even just adding little bits of fringe can be all you need. I loved sharing some of my tips with you all! Thanks for following along and hopefully I'll see you on tour!" Photo by @nicole_franzen, macramé by @Emily_Katz #SOdomino

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Who said that boho vibes have to be limited to the inside? Get a group together to create this super cool garland that can double as a tablescape drape (or wall decor, for that matter). Not only is it multifunctional, but is adds the perfect finishing touch to this green patio.

Want to bring a bit of the modern bohemian into your home? Check out Katz’s top tips for adding the textured accessories into your home, follow @modernmacrame, and catch Katz on her upcoming book tour.

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