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“Bohemian is a state of mind and heart,” says designer Kelly Wearstler. “It’s about having a free spirit, finding inspiration from travels and not minding rules.” Using an eclectic mix of textures like embroidery and fringe alongside natural elements like wood, marble, gemstones, leather, silk and metals is the key to getting the look right.

Adding something vintage is critical to the bohemian room, says designer Nina Freudenberger of Haus Interior. “You can splurge on a beautiful vintage chair or just simply get a vintage mudcloth and throw it over a chair that needs a bit of a boho vibe.” Most of all, this mix is about a lifestyle. “Don’t view this as a look or a trend,” she explains. “Your home can’t look casual and chill, and then not feel comfortable putting your feet up on the coffee table. Make it yours and own it!”

The key is finding balance and gradually adding to the interior over time. “A successful bohemian room feels discovered and considered stemming from an adoration of craft and pieces with meaning,” says event designer Kila Carr-Ince.

Moroccan Inspiration

“I think a

boho room

should have a casual, romantic feeling to it,” says interior designer Elizabeth Pyne. “I think it should be soft lit and cozy at night. And the furniture should include low sofas.”

Mixing Materials

“It’s appreciating the raw and natural, finding beauty in anomalies,” suggests designer Kelly Wearstler about enhancing one’s space with bohemian accents. “It allows you to keep the design loose and be open to discovery.” There’s so much to learn from this approach. “It’s a spirited ambiance, a unique mix of natural and hand-made materials with a leaning toward contrasts in color, pattern and the beauty of eclectic discovery. It’s a lot of everything coming together in an effortless way,” says Wearstler.


“I love to start with some handmade ceramics,” says designer Nina Freudenberger. “Whether it is a piece of pottery for a bookshelf or a wall hanging, I love pieces that feel earthy and organic yet modern. Right now, I am loving this ceramic wall hanging from Mquan.”

Williams-Sonoma Marbleized Ceramic Vessel, $175


“I think authenticity, comfort and imperfection makes a room bohemian,” says Freudenberger. “It’s not about color matching and the chair that looks just right but is uncomfortable. Instead, it’s about being able to sit on any piece of furniture and being able to sink right in.” An affordable wall hanging is an instant way to add a bohemian touch.

DENY Designs Jacqueline Maldonado Parallel tapestry, $68.99


“I would buy a few of these light fixtures and hang them at varying heights,” says Elizabeth Pyne of these Moroccan inspired iron lanterns.

Tangier Iron Lantern, $67.99

Handwoven Rugs

“Adding natural materials to any room really brings the bohemian vibe,” says Freudenberger. “Handwoven and hemp rugs are great, and they’re extremely practical and so durable.” Event designer Kila Carr-Ince agrees: “A beautiful patterned rug is the heart and foundation of a bohemian room. Warm and inviting, it sets the tone for the rest of the interior and is worth the investment.”

Design Within Reach Kalpana Kilim Rug (5’ x 8’), $600


You want your room to feel like it has history and is inspired by and furnished with pieces from your travels. It’s not about buying trendy pieces. “Bohemian means eclectic so add whatever you feel is right,” advises Freudenberger. Natural fibers like sisal, wicker and rattan are great accent staples for any boho interior.

Far & Wide Collective basket, $144.99


“Layering textures and mixing patterns instantly identifies the spirit of a boho room,” says Carr-Ince. “There is no better way to do this than through throws and cushions. Beautiful patterned textiles add a pop of color to a white space.”

Caroline Z. Hurley indigo throws, $140


Textured pillows in mixed fabrics (embroidered and fringed), prints like shibori and ikat and natural fibers are an easy way to get the look for less.

Rising Tide Fair Trade Dotty Dash Pillow, $77.99


“Plants like palm fronds add a deep green graphic silhouette to a room and vases and planters go hand in hand with creating that boho look,” says says Carr-Ince. The designer loves the Blue Rose Echeveria succulent for its gorgeous grey blue color. “Natural materials mixed with pattern and character add to the eclectic feel.”