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For a little extra inspiration, the Domino editors’ favorite Instagrammers takeover our feed each weekend. It’s safe to say tips and covetable images are aplenty. Here’s what you need to know about the most recent feature!

Hong Kong-based photographer and art director Victor Cheng has a job that most of us dream of. Cheng’s work as a photographer allows him to travel the world as he captures the beauty of his surroundings. His photos of a wide range of subjects and topics champion clean composition and unique perspectives, which are just two reasons why we hit “follow” immediately upon discovering his Instagram page.

This weekend, Cheng took over our feed to fill it with some seriously wanderlust-inducing images that are just begging to be blown up and hung on our wall. (Which you can do, by the way, at his shop!) Check out some of his awe-inspiring, vibrant photographs from the rich, cultural center of Hong Kong for a healthy dose of color and travel inspo. If Hong Kong wasn’t already on your must-visit list, it is now.

We’re no strangers to a statement staircase, but this orange railing is really something else. The outdoor installation is bursting with character and style, making it undeniably eye-catching. Cheng’s expert use of perspective here makes it even more visually interesting. And who knows? Orange may turn out to be the next big color.

If our love for rainbow decor wasn’t already apparent, this incredible photo is further proof that mutli-color can pack a powerful punch. Plus, a primary palette never disappoints. Basically, this is one of the coolest courts we’ve ever seen.

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