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3 Cute Cabins That’ll Convince You to Try Being Outdoorsy

Lindsey Bro of @cabinlove takes us into some of her favorite cabins that are perfect for summer adventures.

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For a little extra inspiration, the Domino editors’ favorite Instagrammers takeover our feed each weekend. It’s safe to say tips and covetable images are aplenty. Here’s what you need to know about the most recent feature!

Lindsey Bro has a thing for cabins. The California-based writer has quite the penchant for well-designed cabin spaces, and like us, is basically always planning her next trip. That’s why her and Alice Saunders created Cabin Escapes, a website dedicated to finding and curating the best cabin rentals fit for you needs. They do all the work and scouting, so you don’t have to. This weekend, @cabinlove took over Domino’s Instagram feed to share some favorite cabins—both inside and out. One thing’s for sure: don’t count a quaint cabin out of your summer vacation plans just yet.

Keep reading for a few cabin rental perks we love:

They have their own kitchen

Just because you’ve opted for a rustic cabin doesn’t mean you’ll have to forgo modern amenities. As is one of the prime perks of any home rental versus staying in a hotel, having your own kitchen during vacation is a great way to cut food costs, and gives you the same comfort you’d have at home.

You can unplug and connect with nature

Case and point: this forest-tucked, A-frame @theowlcabin that almost blends in with its surroundings. While we’re not all classified outdoor enthusiasts, there’ something enticing about taking some time to unplug from the bustle of everyday life and spend a few days among the trees. Plus, this chic cabin has everything you need, including a hot tub for some serious zen vibes.

Luxe bathrooms are the ultimate relaxation

Need we say more? The sleek, shiny tub comes from @urbancowboybnb and provides a unique take on rustic bathroom design. It’s the perfect way to unwind after a long day, which in this case, will be walking around New York City, as this cabin (yes, really!) is located in Brooklyn.

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