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Living in a studio apartment or a tiny home means you’re constantly trying to eke out space for everything you need. Not a task we’d call fun. Thankfully, one of IKEA’s upcoming collections, Rognan, aims to solve that problem. How, you ask? With robots, of course.

Designed in collaboration with robotic furniture startup Ori, maker of the expandable Pocket Closet, the Rognan system fits a crazy amount of pieces—a sofa, bed, closet, and desk, to be precise—into approximately 115 square feet of space. That’s basically four different rooms, all in one.

Now here’s the rub: Not every feature can be used at the same time. That’s precisely how IKEA can fit so much function into such a small space. When you have company over and want to use your sofa, you’ll need to tuck your bed and desk away. Ready to sleep? Time to stow the desk portion. Sure, this might not always be convenient, but if space is really tight (and you fancy yourself a minimalist), then this invention is a game changer. Not to mention a conversation starter.


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Rognan will be available in Hong Kong and Japan starting in 2020, but there’s no word yet on when the system will arrive Stateside—or how much it will cost. We do know Ori’s own Studio Suite—a robotic design that features a bed, closet, desk, table, and plenty of general storage space—goes for a steep $16,990. Only time will tell if IKEA’s version will come in at a more accessible price point. For now, we’ll satisfy ourselves by watching videos of the Rognan in action on repeat.

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