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The best air purifiers money can buy all have one problem in common: They’re not very chic. The bulky metal boxes soak up a ton of floor space, not to mention visual real estate. And if you live in a small space, sacrificing a precious corner that would otherwise go to a leafy houseplant or an armchair to the robot-looking cleaner is a bummer. So leave it to IKEA to come up with a solution for tiny apartments. This week the Swedish retailer launched Starkvind. The product comes in two forms, and the one we have our eye on is the version that pulls double duty as both air purifier and side table. 

Pollen, odors, dust, airborne allergens—the $190 furniture piece is designed to rid your space of 99.5 percent of it all. The wood veneer tabletop disguises and protects the filtration system. (Psst: And you can style it as you normally would with a lamp, vase, or tray of your choice.) The dial on the side can be adjusted to manual or automatic mode, which monitors air quality by way of built-in sensors that detect particle levels in the air and switches up the fan speed as needed.

Courtesy of IKEA

Even better: No one will ever know it’s plugged into the wall. Grooves in the legs allow you to tuck the cord inside to hide it from view. If you’re in a studio and worried about hearing a buzzing noise while you try to catch some z’s, never fear. It has five sound settings so you can put it on ultralow for a quiet night’s sleep. 

The Starkvind also comes with an optional gas filter that clears the air of cooking fumes, as well as the ability to connect to IKEA’s home smart app, so you can control and schedule it remotely. Small-space dwellers can breathe easier this October when the genius find arrives in stores and online.