IKEA’s Newest Product Solves This Common Small Space Woe

It looks nothing like what you're used to.
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Home air purifiers do a lot of things (they remove pollen and pet dander, collect dust bunnies, and some will even cool your space), but blending into the background is not one of their talents. If you’re lucky, you can find one in a silver or white finish that sort of blends into the wall. The ugly truth is, most of the products out there look like chunky appliances. All except for IKEA’s new one, that is.

The just-launched Förnuftig is the Swedish retailer’s first-ever home air purifier, though just by looking at it you wouldn’t necessarily know that its job is to remove big and small particles and combat unpleasant cooking odors. Really, the box looks like a chic stereo, and that’s not only because it has a handle, dial, and a thin metal stand; you can also mount it to the wall. So here’s an idea: Surround it in framed artwork and it will become one with your gallery. (Psst: You can remove the handle, so it’s truly discreet.)

Speaking of good looks, the Förnuftig appears super-luxe but only costs $55 (the gaseous pollutants filter is another $10). Say hej to a cleaner, better-looking home.

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