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Ikea is known for two things: Swedish (no-longer-made-from-horse) meatballs, and Scandinavian simplicity. And while there is plenty of the latter still alive and kicking at the retailer, Ikea’s newest products seem to be going in a bit of a different stylistic direction: Loud florals, irregular silhouettes, and a smattering of unique pieces handmade from international artisans feature regularly in the fall offerings. It’s grandma-chic meets global flea market. There’s never been more of a variety from which to choose.

Feeling overwhelmed with all the choices? Shop our edit instead of doing the scrolling yourselves—we’ve put together a selection of pieces at every price point, for every design aesthetic. And while not everything is available to shop just yet (the newest pieces don’t hit stores for another few days, in early October), there’s more than enough to get you started. Here’s what to buy from Ikea this autumn.

Ekenaset Armchair, $279

Quintessential mid-century modern simplicity. As part of the company’s 75th anniversary this year, Ikea is launching the “Gratulera” collection—essentially, a reimagining of some of the brand’s most iconic pieces over the years—in phases. The first launch focuses on the ’50s and ’60s era of Ikea, and includes this beloved piece.

Kungsfors Mesh Bag, set of 2, $4.99

Be the 20-something Instagram sensation you always wanted to be with your very own cotton net bag. All you need is two inexplicably present citrus fruits to tote around town to complete your look.

Alternatively, you can use these classic bags as they were actually intended: As a more sustainable, style-forward alternative to plastic grocery bags. Because they’re netted and will let your produce breathe, you can actually use them to store fruits and veg at home as well.

Lonholt Rug, $129

Summer may be over, but keeping natural materials that almost feel beachy in your home year-round is a great way to keep warmer weather alive—even in a small way. This handwoven jute rug is Ikea’s way of branching out into slightly more rustic territory, and we’re all for it. Minimal zig-zag detailing adds interest to the simple piece.

Innehallsrik Cushion Cover, $11.99

It’s not often that you can say “I’m going shopping for the common good;” and you still might not be able to say that in good conscience, but at least by buying this product you can know that your purchase is going towards a worthwhile cause. Ikea’s Innehallsrik Social Entrepreneurs Collection supports skilled female artisans in Northern India by giving them a livelihood and secure future, and each piece from the handmade collection is gorgeous. This deep blue pillow features traditional Indian embroidery techniques, bringing a bit of global style to your home.

Riggad LED Work Lamp, $69.99

For the minimalist with a penchant for working from home, this pared-back desktop lamp makes office essentials look stylish. It’s LED-powered (read: more sustainable than your usual light fixture), and includes a wireless charging center for maximum efficiency.

Saralena Cushion, $12.99

No, it’s not Gucci; it’s Ikea. The maximalist sensibility is in full swing with the retailer’s newest offerings, which will officially be available in stores starting this October. And while we love a bit of Scandi simplicity, we hope to see more of this departure from the minimalism Ikea is traditionally known for. A bold, floral-printed cushion cover is the perfect way to add a bit of punch to your home for autumn.

Skurar Wall Decorations, set of 3, $14.99

See what we were saying about the more eclectic direction Ikea appears to be headed in? These funky wall decorations may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for those whose personal style errs more towards the irreverent, they’re perfect. Indulge your inner grandma and buy this set to spruce up a boring wall. Hey, grandma chic is trending.

Sjalvstandig Vase, $14.99

Give your favorite florals a home on your mantel or coffee table, via this slightly abstract-shaped vase. The more irregular shape is contrasted by the simple, classic material and color, making it ideal for minimalists and maximalists alike.

Glittrig Candlestick, set of 3, $19.99

If one of your favorite ways to prep for fall is by inundating every empty corner of your home with candles (we empathize), pick up a set of cool candlesticks for some variety. Staggered in different sizes for visual interest, these sleek brassy options are a taste of everyday luxury.  

Sjalvstandig Bowl, $19.99

A well-designed bowl may just be one of the most useful decorative pieces you could keep in your house. Whether using to store dainty jewelry in your bedroom, keys in your entryway, or q-tips in the bathroom, picking a design-forward storage vessel can elevate even the most mundane. This matte black bowl is topping our list of must-haves.

Smaksinne Tray, $9.99

Another geriatric-approved find from Ikea, this floral tray is peak ‘70s kitsch in the best possible way. Use either as a coffee table statement piece or a utilitarian serving tool. It’ll elevate even the most boring of serving ware, that’s for sure.

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