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Here’s a puzzle: You’re spending most of your time indoors and starting to go a little stir-crazy. You want to keep yourself (and your loved ones) entertained and engaged without additional screen time. The answer? A popular pastime that, fittingly, has made a comeback in 2020. 

“I started doing jigsaw puzzles as a way to unwind and fell in love with them,” says Brooklyn-based Kaylin Marcotte, 29, who introduced the brainteasers to her nighttime routine while working around the clock at a media startup five years ago. Initially she was only looking for a tech-free way to relax, but when traditional meditation wasn’t cutting it, this new hobby proved to have a similar de-stressing effect. 

A few months ago, Marcotte launched her direct-to-consumer brand, Jiggy, in the hopes of helping others wind down in the same way. Like meditation, jigsaws encourage participants to be aware of their surroundings while focusing on a task (like breathing or finding a missing piece). For a meditative and mindful homebound activity, let these chic puzzle brands help you bring calm, phone-free bonding—and even wall decor—to the ones you care about most. 


For When Your Getaway Was Canceled

Come 6 p.m., Swap Your Screen Time With One of These Puzzles
Gray Malin The Italy Double-Sided 500-Piece Puzzle by Galison, Maisonette ($35)

Gray Malin, famous for his swoon-worthy aerial photography, brings his stunning work straight to your coffee table with a double-sided puzzle for expert jigsaw-ers looking for a challenge. After you’ve completed the first one (if you can bear to say goodbye to the stunning scene), break it up and get started on the second. Consider it a two-in-one visual vacation. 

For the Art Lover

Frank Stella Puzzle, MoMA Design Store ($20)

Museums are slowly reopening, so why not bring the paintings to you? Frank Stella’s famous Firuzabad is now yours for the taking (or making) with a 750-piece round puzzle made from 90 percent recycled paper. Finish it and you have fine art at the tips of your fingers. How’s that for a productive WFH day?  


For the Photography Nut (With an Eye for Fashion)

Come 6 p.m., Swap Your Screen Time With One of These Puzzles
Meta Puzzle, Piecework Puzzles ($36)

Piecework is your most stylish friend in puzzle form. With a collection of four photographs, each showcasing a different still-life scene, this young company is giving traditional jigsaws a much-needed rebrand, with 1,000 extra-thick puzzle pieces packed in a beautiful box that will look as good on a coffee table as it will in a bookcase. 

For the Takeout Aficionado

scattered table
Power Lunch, Piecework ($36)

This 1,000-piece challenge is made for anyone who knows their way around a to-go menu while burning the midnight oil. Its cheeky name, Power Lunch, is a nod to the boss ladies who eat sushi while they build spreadsheets, and 10 percent of the profits go to the National Women’s Law Center

For When You Miss Nights Out

scattered glasses of champagne
Disco Queen Puzzle, CB2 ($26)

Craving champagne and ABBA on a crowded dance floor? Same. Until that’s a reality, this bubbly-filled 500-piece image can soothe your disco-loving soul. There are no morning-after headaches at this party.  


For a Reminder of Summer

Charley Harper Monteverde Jigsaw Puzzle by Pomegranate, QVC ($20)

This Costa Rican jungle scene by artist Charley Harper practically radiates summer heat, which makes it a smart choice when the temps dip below 50 degrees. Cozy up with a mug of cocoa and get to work.

For the Master Baker

Large Cake
Icing on the Cake by Springboc, Target ($18)

When The Great British Bake Off episodes run out (and they always eventually do), there will still be this puzzle to satisfy your sweet tooth. At 1,000 pieces, it might even take you longer to get through than a season of the sugary show. 

For Those Who Love the Granny Chic Look (Or Your Actual Granny)

Teacups Puzzle by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company, QVC ($19)

This vivid assortment of teacups and saucers looks all innocent and sweet, but 1,000 pieces later, you’ll realize what a tricky puzzle it can be. Pour yourself a cuppa (caffeinated, obviously) before you dive in.

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