Hilary Sheinbaum

Market Selection by Julia Stevens

Published on March 18, 2020

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Courtesy of Jiggy
Home should be your happy place—now more than ever. Head to the #MakeYourselfAtHome hub to find tiny projects, feel-good recipes, and clever decorating ideas to make each day a little bit brighter.

Here’s a puzzle: You’re stuck inside for the foreseeable future and starting to go stir-crazy. You want to keep yourself (and your loved ones) entertained and engaged while also allowing yourself to savor a quiet minute to unplug. The answer? A popular pastime that’s, fittingly, making a comeback. 

“I started doing jigsaw puzzles as a way to unwind and fell in love with them,” says Brooklyn-based Kaylin Marcotte, 29, who introduced the brainteasers to her nighttime routine while working around the clock at a media startup five years ago. Initially, she was only looking for a tech-free way to relax, but when traditional meditation wasn’t cutting it, this new hobby proved to have a similar de-stressing effect. 

A few months ago, Marcotte launched her direct-to-consumer brand, Jiggy, in the hopes of helping others wind down in the same way. Like meditation, jigsaws encourage participants to be aware of their surroundings while focusing on a task (like breathing or finding a missing piece). For a meditative and mindful homebound activity, let these chic puzzle brands help you bring calm, phone-free bonding—and even wall decor—to the ones you care about most. 

For When Your Getaway Was Canceled

Gray Malin, famous for his swoon-worthy aerial photography, brings his stunning work straight to your coffee table with a double-sided puzzle for expert jigsaw-ers looking for a challenge. After you’ve completed the first one (if you can bear to say goodbye to the stunning scene), break it up and get started on the second. Consider it a two-in-one visual vacation. 

For the Early Riser

If you can’t go outside to experience that magical post-sunrise glow, you might as well re-create nature’s beauty at home. Sweden-based Printworks’s 500-piece design is pretty enough to be a phone background and relaxing enough that you’ll forget about the news. Sad when you finish? Try the Dusk version next. 

For the Art Lover

Museums are closed, so why not bring the paintings to you? Frank Stella’s famous Firuzabad is now yours for the taking (or making) with a 750-piece round puzzle made from 90 percent recycled paper. Finish it and you have a piece of fine art at the tips of your fingers. How’s that for a productive WFH day?  

For the One With a Never-Ending Gallery Wall

The debut collection from Jiggy is made up of six eye-catching works by emerging female artists (who profit with each puzzle sale). Either 450 pieces or 800 pieces are packaged in a stylish, sustainable, and reusable glass container so you can play again and again. Alternatively, if you want to hang the art, each kit comes equipped with glue and a tool to ensure even application to preserve the masterpiece.

For the Photography Nut (With an Eye for Fashion)

Piecework is your most stylish friend in puzzle form. With a collection of four photographs, each showcasing a different still-life scene, this young company is giving traditional jigsaws a much-needed rebrand, with 1,000 extra-thick puzzle pieces packed in a beautiful box that will look as good on a coffee table as it will in a bookcase. 

For the Person Who Only Texts in Emojis

From piñatas and birthday candles to balloons and disco balls, these item-specific designs take two-dimensional shapes to the next level. In 70-plus pieces, unwind by completing 8-by-8-inch food jigsaws like pizza, cereal, eggplant, and more (or use them to send a note to loved ones IRL). 

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