Published on February 12, 2017

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Frozen foods are nothing to scoff at. After a long day of work, getting home to an empty kitchen is the ultimate test of patience. Rather than ordering your favorite delivery for the second or third time this week, make a quick and simple meal with things from your freezer. If you don’t already have these items, now is the perfect time to stock up. These few essentials last and are available in endless varieties these days. The best part of these recipes is that all of the ingredients can be substituted for frozen foods. Whip these up even when you’re in the laziest of moods!

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Photography by SEEDED AT THE TABLE

Chicken Pot Pie  

Sure, a chicken pot pie may take some time to cook in the oven, but the prep is super simple. What makes it even easier is the use of frozen veggies and pie crust. Skip the tedious task of washing, slicing and dicing and jump right ahead into the assembly of this pie. Quickly make a roux, and add in all of your frozen vegetables. Peas, mushrooms, carrots and green beans all work perfectly in this meal. 

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Photography by REFINERY29

Vegetable Stir Fry  

If you’re feeling majorly lazy, this stir fry is the easiest thing. Put all of your favorite vegetables in a pan along with your favorite flavors—from oil to soy sauce or anything else you’re feeling. If you’re bored of just vegetables, add frozen quinoa or cauliflower rice into the routine to make this quick meal even heartier. Broccoli, edamame, and peppers can go straight from the freezer to pan!

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Pasta and Veggies

One thing that makes pasta dishes even easier? When the pasta is frozen! And since these pasta meals are frozen, all you need are some tasty fillings. This cheese tortellini is a perfect example. Add in some frozen greens to take this dinner to the next level. Spinach or peas are the perfect addition to this pasta dish. Restaurant taste, frozen food budget!

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Photography by COTTER CRUNCH

Fruity Smoothies

Instead of snacking on junk food with empty calories, make yourself a quick smoothie. This will fill you up with vitamins and nutrients and is easy to put together. Having frozen fruit on hand makes smoothie making simple. Pick and choose your favorite fruits to keep in the freezer for these smoothie nights.

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Photography by GARNISH AND GLAZE

Frozen Pizza with Toppings

Ah yes, frozen pizza is a dear friend. But upgrade that pie: From wilted spinach to broccoli, you can add your own toppings at home. Aside from increasing the flavor game, you’ll also feel better about your food choice by introducing vegetables. Not looking for a healthy dish tonight? This suggestion includes putting frozen tater tots right on top!

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Fried Rice

If you were about to pick up your phone and order in, there’s a high chance it was going to be your favorite Chinese food. Why not make your own fried rice instead? Follow the guidelines of a classic fried rice recipe, but use frozen rice and vegetables. Peas, carrots, corn, snap peas are only a handful of the types of veggies you can use in this easy dish. Choose your favorites, and toss them right in. Add some soy sauce as you’re heating things up, and you’ll have a tasty dish in a few minutes. 

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Photography by TASTE AND TELL BLOG

Macaroni and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese is quite possibly the best comfort food. By choosing some veggies to toss into this rich dish, you’ll have a more well rounded meal. It’s really up to you in terms of what you choose to add, but cauliflower, spinach or broccoli are good places to start. 

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Photography by DAMN DELICIOUS

BBQ Burgers and Corn

Have a little BBQ all by yourself. Throw a frozen burger patty on the grill alongside some frozen corn on the cob, and you’ll be ready to chow down in a few minutes. From beef to quinoa to veggie—you can get just about any type of patty down the freezer aisle. Use your favorites seasonings and shredded cheeses, and dinner will be ready in no time.

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Photography by SIX SISTERS STUFF

Chicken and Waffles

Breakfast for dinner is always a fun treat. What makes it even more fun? When you treat yourself to something really decadent. Chicken and waffles, please! Grab some frozen chicken tenders from the store the next time you pick up your favorite frozen waffles. Follow the heating instructions on both, and then top your waffles with the chicken.

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Photography by BUDGET BYTES

Roasted Veggies  

Preheat your oven, oil up a baking sheet and spread an assortment of frozen vegetables onto your sheet. Brussel sprouts, asparagus, green beans, cauliflower—the list goes on and on. All of these veggies taste fantastic when they’re roasted, and it takes minimal effort on your part. 

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