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Erica Adler is anything but an amateur when it comes to holiday hosting. The personal chef–turned–TikTok entertaining connoisseur is known for sharing approachable recipes and tips to nail your dinner party, whether it’s for two people or 10. Although food is certainly her specialty, Adler’s approach to hosting a festive gathering is all about creating a welcoming atmosphere, and Anthropologie has everything she needs to do just that.

Her checklist includes a beautiful tablescape, a particularly good playlist, and, most important, a laid-back attitude. “If you’re relaxed, you set the tone for a lovely evening,” she says. “Absolutely no one will remember if there was a hiccup with the roasted chicken, a soup spoon in place of a standard one, or a spilled glass of wine.”  

In her own words, Adler shares three party themes and her tried-and-true tips for throwing a successful soiree this holiday season—plus the perfect light bites and drinks to serve at each and the Anthro pieces that will help tie everything together.

Erica Adler–Approved Holiday Party Themes

Champagne and Charcuterie Soiree

For me, food is an integral part of the tablescape, and this epic charcuterie spread is the ultimate centerpiece for any holiday gathering. Not only is it ideal for guests to munch at their own pace, but the carefully folded meats, tiered cheeses, and fruit act as additional decor, filling in gaps where you may lack decorative dishware.

Serve up a nice, dry champagne (in a fancy glass, of course) to pair with the provisions, and use a mix of low-to-the-table trays and taller surfaces, like a cake stand, to further elevate (both literally and figuratively) the light bites.

Comfy, Cozy Candlelit Dinner Party

For this relaxed dinner party, layer florals, candles, and textiles like a textured runner or well-placed doily to create a tablescape that feels casual and welcoming. As for florals, stick to a single type of flower, spaced out in multiple vases to avoid visual clutter. And lean into the comfy, cozy vibes by lighting all of the candles you can find. Tapers, tea lights, votives, or candle bowls—the more, the merrier. Here’s my Autumn Dinner Party Pinterest Board to help get your gears turning.

If you’re a first-time holiday host, I recommend preparing a dish you’re already comfortable with to lower the margin of error on the big day. I grew up celebrating both Hanukkah and Christmas, so my specialty is any and all kinds of potatoes—from crispy latkes to a sweet, smooth soufflé. But if you want to try something a bit more adventurous, add this hearty roasted chicken to the menu, followed by this parsnip snacking loaf with honeyed mascarpone—trust me, it’s a crowd-pleaser. 

Sweeten the night by serving a spiked spiced cider (bonus points if it’s from a glass as fun as this tortoiseshell tumbler). And don’t forget to queue up a vibe-y playlist to keep on shuffle throughout the night. This is my go-to.

Light, Bright, and Festive Fete

Remember, guests are showing up for good company—and a good time—so don’t take yourself too seriously. For this fun and funky get-together, create a cheeky high-low moment by pairing a very classy, very classic Negroni with a platter of store-bought pigs in a blanket. Set out a variety of condiments (i.e., fancy mustards, cornichons, and aioli) along with some potato chips and onion dip—my personal favorite.