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Did you know that it is estimated that in the US, we’ll spend around $72.13 billion on our beloved animals in 2018. That number includes food, supplies, medical, but still—$72.13 billion?! That’s incredible, but not that surprising. (Just today, while in Brooklyn, I saw a woman walk down the street in a lovely silk dress with her dog attached to her via a Baby Bjorn.)

We certainly love our pets, and the pet industry has taken note, as year over year, our spending on our beloved fur babies has increased beyond expectation, and brands are producing super luxurious goods—think crystal water bottles, high-end, paraben-free shampoo, and organic cotton beds, just to name a few.

Welcome to 2018, where if you dream it, it probably already exists for animals, too.


CrownJuwel Pet Bowl, VitaJuwel, $78 on pre-order

If your pet already is a devout Goop reader who loves hot yoga and bulletproof coffee, perhaps you could introduce them to a crystal-infused water bowl.

Okay, so I personally drink from crystal water bottles. Have I noticed a difference? It breaks me to admit no. It looks pretty, but I don’t feel any type of boost, emotionally or physically. But let your pets decide for themselves! Fluffy should feel an increase in well-being, by boosting her “vitality” and “enthusiasm,” says creator of the CrownJuwel Pet Bowl—VitaJuwel. VitaJuwel is known for their gem-infused water bottles, with pieces of crystals enclosed in a glass dome. This bowl is excited animal-proof though—it’s made of bite-resistant bamboo.

Dog Beds, Nest Bedding, $69-$219

If napping is more your pup’s style, maybe she’d prefer a bed made of eco-friendly materials. This is perfect if your dog loves recycling and Greenpeace. The price seems a bit higher than other dog beds, but these wool and canvas cotton beds are made out of 100 percent green waste recycled plastic fill that is breathable and non-absorbent. Nest even offers a 100-night trial to see if Fluffy is a fan or not.


Pet Shampoo, The Ouai, $28

If you’d describe Fluffy as more of a beauty aficionado, who never misses a mani/pedi and loves fresh bows in her hair, then get her this shampoo STAT. You already know The Ouai as Jen Atkins haircare line, and you already know Atkins as the Kardashians’ longtime hairstylist.

But turns out Atkins, like the rest of us, has a soft spot for animals. The apple cider vinegar, aloe leaf juice, and tamarind seed extract blend is perfectly safe for Fluffy (whether Fluffy be a dog, cat, pig or, hamster). The blend is specifically focused on natural antibacterial properties, hydration for skin and hair, and, of course, it smells amazing.

Plus, 15 percent of all proceeds go to Vanderpump Dog Foundation.

Puppy Uppers Ceramic Canisters, Jonathan Adler, $138

Do you keep Fluffy’s snacks in a Tupperware? It’s time for an upgrade. After all, you can’t keep that $52 bag of artisanal, vegan snacks (Fluffy only will eat the best!) in a plain plastic container, so at least make them look pretty on the kitchen countertop, right? In classic tongue-and-cheek Jonathan Adler style, these porcelain cuties will make you and Fluffy feel fancy.


Ombre Leash, Found My Animal, $62

You aren’t going to let Fluffy run around town without expressing her fashion sense. You and Fluffy need this baller ombre leash in your life. Just think of all the jealous stares Fluffy is going to get from other dogs! Found My Animal is a genuinely great company, too. They hand-dye and create their animal-focused wares in Brooklyn, and they support a slew of animal rescue nonprofits. Fluffy will wear it with pride.