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We’ve already mused on about how shockingly epic Anthropologie’s beauty section is, and now we’ve got the hot, new picks straight from the very person responsible for those special buys. Welcome to our new series where we ask the experts what they’re buying—from beauty to wellness to skincare, and everything in between.

First up is Anthropologie’s General Merchandise Manager of Beauty, Catherine Moellering, who shared her favorite new products for summer. Spoiler: You’re going to want them all.

Mistral Summertime Exfoliating Soaps, $8

Moellering notes that exfoliating is just as important in the summer as it is in winer. “These soaps feature natural exfoliates such as sea salt, vanilla bean and crushed coconut shells, all wonderful ingredients reminiscent of summer,” she says. “They are also great preparation before applying self-tanner.”

VitaJuwel ViA Wellness Gem Water Bottle, $78

“Staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your skin in the summer, and these water bottles are such a unique and beautiful way to take advantage of the healing powers of crystals like amethyst and rose quartz,” notes Moellering.

Over Land & Sea Rollerball “Scents of Summer” Perfume Set, $28

“Summer is a great time to change up your fragrance for the new season,” says Moellering. “Available in three scents, Palm, Soleil, and Surf, each captures the fresh signature smells of summer including favorites such as jasmine, lemon, and sandalwood.”

Sweat Translucent Mineral Powder, SPF 30, $42

A portable, easy-to-apply powder that also has SPF 30? Yes, please. “With the summer heat, a breathable powder infused with vitamin E and zinc oxide for sun protection is a must have in my summer beauty bag,” says Moellering.

The Organic Pharmacy After Sun, $69

“After too many hours out in the sun, it is important to heal your skin,” says Moellering. “Organic Pharmacy uses only the best quality pure ingredients to help soothe and repair any irritation.”

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