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Those miniature, sometimes disappointing bottles of shampoo and conditioner that you find in your hotel room are soon to become relics of the past. As The New York Times reports, a new bill, A.B. 1162, making its way through California’s legislature, aims to ban these kinds of single-use products, which, let’s be honest, usually end up cluttering your bathroom drawers post-trip anyway. Frankly, it’s about time.

Single-use plastics, we know by now, are seriously harmful to the environment. Only about 9 percent of plastics worldwide are recycled, which amounts to millions of tons of plastic waste. Just like plastic grocery bags and straws, tiny plastic toiletry containers—which realistically only contain about two to three uses of product maximum—are destined for the landfill. Which is why some lawmakers are trying to ban them altogether. If A.B. 1162 passes, California lodging establishments with more than 50 rooms will have until 2023 to get rid of their mini toiletries, while those with fewer than 50 rooms will have an additional year, until 2024. They will be replaced by wall-mounted, refillable toiletries instead.

This law is a step in the right direction, but that’s not to say that you can’t change your habits right now to help out the environment. In fact, getting your hands on reusable toiletry containers will help you to not only bring your favorite products with you everywhere you go but also cut down on your plastic waste. Even reusable plastic containers make a more eco-friendly alternative. As long as you’re working to cut down your waste in the long run, the earth will thank you.

These sets are small enough to fit in your carry-on and they’ll keep you away from the temptation of tiny hotel toiletries. Grooming on the go just got greener.

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