10 Holiday Gifts For Every Pet (And Pet Lover) On Your List

When you give a gift for someone’s pet, you’re really giving them a gift, too. And often for the pet-obsessed, it’s even better.

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Whether you’re a dog lover, crazy cat lady, or you have something more unique (miniature hedgehog, perhaps?), we all know that pets end up making it into about 99 percent of our conversations—even if they started on a topic like the weather.

Similarly, pet gifts are the ideal presents for anyone you know who treats their animal like their child. Showering their pet with gifts this holiday season will make them even happier than a gift specifically for them—we guarantee it. So we found the chicest gifts for all pet lovers—whether they have a dog, cat, or even a hedgehog habit.

A First-Class Dog Bed

Casper, the popular mattress company, now makes dog beds. The combination of pressure-relieving memory foam and durable support foam is perfect for dogs that like to dig into their beds to get comfy. Plus, it has a machine-washable cover and won’t lose its shape over time.

The Casper Dog Bed, $125-$225, Casper.com

Making Fetch Happen

Looking for the perfect small gift for a coworker? This completely adorable peppermint striped ball set from Draper James is literally making fetch happen—with dogs, of course.

Harry Barker Striped Play Ball Set, $19, DraperJames.com

Exercise Is For the Dogs

If someone on your gift list is a fitness junkie, then clearly they already have a FitBit. But, does their dog have one, too? Help them take fitness tracking to the next level with the Wonderwoof, so they can start tracking their pet’s activity in real time.

Wonderwoof Dog Fitness Tracker, $95, Bloomingdales.com

Cashmere Only

For the classiest of pets (and their pet owners), gift them with Canine Royalty’s Mauve and Ivory Knit, a 100% cashmere sweater, just for their pup. Everyone should own a cashmere sweater, even if they have four legs.

Canine Royalty Mauve and Ivory Knit, $150, CanineRoyalty.com

The Pet Teepee

Whether you’re gifting for a dog or cat, every pet loves a good hideaway, and every pet owner wants that hideaway to look chic in his or her home. A pet teepee is the perfect solution to that—a unique little destination for your pet to nap the day away.

Max Bone Canvas Pet Teepee, $120, FreePeople.com

A Chic Fish Hotel

Instead of the traditional fish bowl, upgrade your friend’s beloved pet Nemo’s home into a full-blown fish hotel. The Umbra Fishhotel Aquarium was literally modeled after a condominium, creating a sleek, modern feel for all of the beloved sea creatures in our lives.

Umbra Fishhotel Aquarium, $39.99, Domino.com

Make Catnip Cute Again

Everyone knows that cats need a bit of catnip in their lives for the holidays. But, getting catnip is rarely cute. Fortunately, we found these stylish handmade embroidered feathers from California—perfect for a cat-loving coworker.

Catnip Feathers, $12, FreePeople.com

Stylish Pet Bowls

Since everyone’s beloved pet’s food bowls are permanent staples in the kitchen, they should be seriously stylish. Gift your pet-loving friends with artist Kris Tate’s latest collaboration with DENY Designs for Urban Outfitters.

Kris Tate for DENY Pet Bowl Set, $59, UrbanOutfitters.com

Get Roped In

Considering that a dog needs to be walked multiple times a day, a leash is an essential accessory. Upgrade your brother’s beloved best friend’s leash with this olive ombre rope leash from Found My Animal—whether his four-legged friend is a poodle or a golden retriever.

Found My Animal Olive Ombre Rope Leash, $61.99, Domino.com

Coffee Table Additions

If you have a friend or loved one on your list who simply can’t get enough of other people’s pups, then The Dogist’s new book is perfect for them this holiday season. The coffee table book includes photographer’s Elias Weiss Freidman’s many “encounters” with adorable dogs throughout the world, spoken in the dog’s own spirit.

The Dogist, $16.58, Amazon.com