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We didn’t know it was possible to get this excited about a potentially perfect, baseball field–like lawn, but Sunday Lawn Care just dropped a new line of products at Walmart that is cute, affordable, and—most notably—made from natural ingredients. Suddenly we can’t wait to get out the lawn mower

“Instead of brute force, we use cutting-edge plant science to get back to how nature is supposed to work,” says the company’s cofounder and CEO, Coulter Lewis. That means formulas that include found-in-nature things like molasses, seaweed, and beet extract, which, as Lewis puts it, keep your lawn “in shape” without harsh chemicals that could come in contact with your children and/or pets. The result? A greener lawn, healthier soil, and fewer weeds. 

All 13 products are now available at Walmart, and thanks to some smart packaging, they’re easy to figure out—the pouches attach directly to your hose. Nothing in the line will set you back more than $35, from fertilizers to seed blends. Here are our favorites.

Green Machine

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Sunday Mighty Green Lawn Fertilizer, Walmart ($18)

Just attach this pouch to your yard hose; spray your grass for 15 minutes; and let the nitrogen-iron-seaweed formula do its thing. Wrigley Field might get jealous. 

Bye-Bye, Biters

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Sunday Mosquito Deleto Yard Spray, Walmart ($25)

This spray is made with lemongrass and cedar oil to kill mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas on contact, but it also hangs around to keep bugs at bay for up to 28 days before you need to reapply it. 

Hit ’Em With Your Best Shot

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Sunday Weed Warrior Non-Selective Spot Treatment, Walmart ($10)

It only takes 20 minutes to see the results of this certified-organic spot treatment, which zaps weeds, algae, and moss instantly. (It will also kill grass, so make sure you aim it just so.) Your dandelions are shaking in their soil. 

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