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Kids undeniably gravitate toward color. But that doesn’t mean your little one’s room needs to feel like a crayon box come to life. Decorating their space starts with committing to a palette, and one of the simplest ways to do so is to find a multicolored item you love (a piece of art, a throw pillow, a rug) and let it inspire the rest.

Earth tones—think: muted greens, burnt oranges, wood-colored browns—toe the line between not-too beige and not-too bright, making them an ideal choice for color-hesitant parents. Plus they still have that fun factor kids love. Green evokes nature and is thought to have a calming effect (making it great for bedrooms), while orange promotes happiness and creativity. To avoid color overload, use wood accents and black-and-white patterns to ground things. And don’t worry about finding shades that match perfectly—instead choose ones that mix well and complement each other.

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Safari Portraits Canvas Wall Art by Trend Lab, Walmart ($25)

This collection of sweet animal illustrations incorporates the full color spectrum of an earth-tone palette and works as a linchpin for the rest of the decor. Keep them grouped together for a super-easy gallery wall or spread them out around the space, with some hanging and a few leaning on a bookshelf.

Walmart BC 1
Sweedi Natural Poplar Toddler House Bed by South Shore, Walmart ($178)

As a focal point of the room, a bed is a great place to layer in all of a palette’s key colors. A natural-finish wood frame acts as a strong foundation—plus this one has a cute canopy for a cocoon effect.

Soft Microfiber Sheet Set by Your Zone, Walmart ($10)

On top, introduce a fun burst of color with vibrant orange sheets that aren’t just supersoft but also wrinkle-free.

Safari Jungle Animals Bedding Set by Your Zone, Walmart ($55)

Don’t be afraid to mix things up by pairing a solid sheet set with a patterned blanket. This safari-inspired comforter and sham make the orange pop.

Tiger Blankie Tail for Kids by Your Zone, Walmart ($15)

More than just a fun accent piece, this tiger-motif blanket has an opening at the top for your little one to climb inside and get extra cozy.

Chambray Blackout Window Curtains by Your Zone, Walmart ($15)

Think tonally and bring in monochromatic shades of the same color. Greens can range from olive to pear and still work well together, just as they do in nature. Heathered fabrics, like these heavyweight blackout curtains, have a muted quality that pairs nicely with other earth tones.

Kids Table and Stool Set by ACEssentials, Walmart ($244)

With a contrasting wood base and matte-green top, this two-tone table-and-stools set gives kids a space in their room to create. Place in a corner for a crafting nook or keep it front and center for game time anytime.

Kids Zigzag Stripes Runner by Safavieh, Walmart ($280)

Green and orange elements will really pop when juxtaposed with contrasting black-and-white patterns, like this hand-tufted, 100 percent wool rug. Its large-scale graphic design makes a fun statement on its own, but it also helps the other colors in the room stand out.