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Ikea Launches a Furniture Line for Pets

This is not a drill.

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Whether you’re a cat-lover, dog-lover, or both, Ikea’s brand new pet product line was made with your favorite furry friends in mind. With products ranging from beds to bowls, all created by pet-loving designers and veterinarians, the affordable line lets you spoil your pet so you can enjoy the home you share. Click through to see some of our favorite picks.


Black and white dog Blanket $19.99

Perfect for travel, protecting the inside of your car, or just giving your pet a space to feel at home, this blanket is adjustable in size and water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about wet or dirty paws.

Pet cushion $19.99

The best part of this rectangular pet cushion is the choice of multiple removable machine washable covers. The small handle on the side also makes it easy to move around your home.


Cat house on legs  $49.99

At first glance, this chic cat house may look like a modern bedside table—the best part is, it can certainly double as one. Let your cat crawl inside the small opening or scratch at the outer scratching wall. The versatile piece can be placed up via the legs (shown here) hung on the wall, or inserted into Ikea’s KALLAX shelf unit.

Double sided pet brush $3.99

This dual-sided brush lets you brush out your pet’s tangles on one side, while giving them an extra shiny coat and massage on the other.


White litter tray $4.99

Who says a litter box has to be ugly? Proving that even the necessities can be chic, this oval shaped container has high edges to prevent cat litter from getting on the floor.


Cat play tunnel $7.99

If you’re the parent to any rambunctious kitty, you know they love to chase things and hide. Combine that love of both and keep them occupied with this collapsible mesh cat tunnel that folds up flat to save space.

String cat toy $2.99

Sharpen your cat’s reflexes with this simple pom-pom and string toy.

Stainless steel bowl $2.99

The anti-slip silicone at the bottom of this bowl ensures it won’t be pushed around the kitchen floor by an overly eager pet. The material is also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.


Soft black cat house with pad $5.99

This soft, foldable box embodies Ikea’s classic versatility. It can save you space while still giving your cat a comfy place to call home. Use it on its own,  place it inside any of Ikea’s KALLAX shelf units or connect it to the LURVING play tunnel for multiple feline-friendly options.

Anti-shock leash $14.99

This bright and reflective leash is a welcome refresh on the traditional, and perfect for long walks at night. 


Pet bed with pad  $27.98-$37.98

Let your pet sleep in luxury with this versatile bed that flips over to give a more raised view for your pet. The machine-washable cushion comes in a variety of different colors and finishes to match your own bedroom or living room decor.


Wall cabinet with sliding doors $19.99

Hang this cabinet on your wall for a convenient space to store all your pet’s needs. The two hooks on the side are ideal for hanging leashes and collars.