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It’s resolution-making time—and while this usually entails a slew of lofty goals and personal aspirations, we’re turning our attention to projects that are a bit more tangible. Specifically, our homes. A full renovation isn’t necessarily in the cards for everyone, but there are small changes and updates we can make to make our spaces feel more like home in the New Year. From easy DIYs to tech-savvy swaps, here are the design resolutions team Domino is making for 2019.

Plant Parenthood

I’m determined to become a full-on plant parent in 2019. I don’t mean just picking up a snake plant for my kitchen or a few more succulents for my bedroom windowsill; I’m talking an over-the-top display of trailing greens and larger potted trees mixed in with art and dried florals. — Lydia Geisel, digital editorial assistant

Go Vintage

When I first moved into my apartment, I rapidly filled it with troves of Ikea furniture that I had collected over the course of just a few shopping trips. Now that I’m more settled, I want to swap out some of my lower-quality buys for vintage finds I’ll cherish for years. Luckily, I live in a neighborhood with several vintage furniture shops—I just need to prioritize what to buy first. I’m leaning toward a sturdy mid-century dresser with plenty of storage space and an eclectic rattan headboard. — Rebecca Deczynski, digital editor

DIY Tufted Headboard

My biggest decorating regret is buying a platform bed. At the time, I loved that it was sleek and minimalist, and thought a headboard served little to no purpose. Fast-forward two years and it’s one of my biggest frustrations: The bed slides when I sit up to read, and pillows slip down the gap between the platform and the wall. In 2019, I’m determined to DIY a headboard like Brady Tolbert’s channel-tufted project. I love that it extends across the whole wall and adds color and texture to an otherwise neutral space. — Sophie Miura, digital content director

Removable Wallpaper for Days

I moved into my own apartment in Chinatown in November, and I’m bound and determined to redesign every little light, handle, and countertop in the space. Only problem? I’m renting it, so everything needs to be reversible.

I’m planning on cleverly DIY’ing most of the one-bedroom tiny space, but I’m going to start with removable wallpaper. I’m super obsessed with our winter print issue cover girl Christene Barberich’s wallpaper collab with The Inside. I’m particularly considering the marigold striped version to add some major pops of color in my itty-bitty bathroom. Maybe I’ll even put this Peter Som acid floral print as a DIY backsplash in my kitchen too. (Will you come over and help me install it?) — Kristin Limoges, wellness editor

Actually Use Smart Home Accessories

My decor resolution is to use and appreciate what I already have. I love everything about my space (seriously), and this year, I’m looking forward to using some of my cool home tech devices and kitchen appliances in new ways. I’m planning on breaking out some delicious crockpot recipes, finally installing smart light bulbs that are integrated with my Alexa, and running my humidifier and air purifier, for starters. — Alyssa Clough, senior social media editor

Embrace Color

2019 will be the year I finally let go of my neutral-fueled aesthetic in favor of something a bit bolder and more colorful. I’m looking forward to introducing a saturated palette into my space and combining that with rich textures for a truly dynamic finish. — Anna Kocharian, digital editor

Photography by Cody Guilfoyle

Kitchen Rental Hacks

So many things! I moved in the summer and wanted to take my time decorating my apartment, so it’s still missing a lot of finishing touches. Top priority is doing something about my kitchen, which is currently a gloomy, granite counter–topped menace to my decor dreams. I’m trying to convince my roommate to paint our kitchen a warm, golden yellow hue (loving Farrow & Ball’s Babouche) to brighten it up. As it’s still a rental, I can’t go too all-out with the updates, but blogger Anita Yokota is inspiring me to use marble contact paper to change my countertops. Her easy DIY is full of tips and costs under $40. — Elly Leavitt, associate digital editor

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