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Over Gallery Walls? This Might Be the Next Big Thing

Green is in.
Anna Kocharian Avatar

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Gallery walls have long held their reign in the realm of art display, so it’s fair to say that a refresh is in order. Having lived through various iterations of the concept—from 3-D gallery walls to floor-to-ceiling displays—we’re all for a slight departure from the well-established approach. Factor in our obsession with potted greens and you’ll begin to see where this one is going.

As of late, we’ve seen an uptick of homes and shops that seamlessly combine two of our most beloved decorative motifs: art and plants. The thoughtfully curated approach to mixing and matching the two is not without rhyme or reason—and the spaces ahead prove just that.

From over-the-top displays saturated with greens to subtle alternatives that are arguably just as impactful, read on to discover the best pairings of plants and art we’ve seen thus far.

Photography by JARED SOARES

Hilton Carter’s plant-filled home is a lesson in power in numbers—and when it comes to plants, we’re all for that mindset. His approach incorporates the fundamental concept behind a gallery wall coupled with three-dimensional elements and plenty of greens to boot. A posy of dried protea establishes a sense of depth within the scene, while the cleverly positioned mirror helps expand the illusion of the eclectic slew of pieces involved.

Photography by Aaron Bengochea

In this bohemian Brooklyn home, a bench reserved for the entry makes way for an artful display composed of a curated scope of books, art, and plants. Found objects and decorative vessels lend an element of visual interest to the prints casually stacked against the wall, while the reserved trio of greens inspires an organic layer to the scene. A relatively limited palette of rich neutrals keeps the area cohesive.  

Photography by Polly Wreford for Ikea

If you lack a green thumb, don’t feel thwarted by the trend. Instead, take a less literal approach to it. This creative workspace, with its eclectic slew of illustrated greens, combines the two elements in one seamless vision, culminating in a surprisingly serene yet bountiful display.

Photography by Aaron Bengochea

For a truly captivating effect, pair your art and potted greens with an array of rich, woven textures. Rattan, wicker, and a hanging flat-weave instill a well-traveled detail to this stored nook, where the reserved number of plants and a single piece of wall art still manage to evoke an inspired finish.

Photography by MEGHAN MCNEER

For those more inclined to embrace an effortlessly cool rendition of the look, take note from this chic Parisian shop. Sprigs of colorful florals—adhered to a cutout with vibrant washi tape, no less—offset the monochrome piece of wall art directly above, resulting in an alluring juxtaposition of color and style.

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Take your plant stand to the next level by filtering framed prints into the mix. Aside from the providing the potted greens with a complementary backdrop, the art will establish an added layer of interest amid the cluster of plants. Channel the same concept when styling out a bar cart for a colorfully dynamic display.