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A blank wall is the first place most of us would think to hang a work of art—but not Drew Barrymore. The actress recently revealed the unexpected spot she showcases her treasured pieces: on the front of a bookshelf. “My personal installation,” Barrymore wrote in an Instagram post last week, showing five tropical bird prints from her Flower Home collection against a backdrop of old spines. 

While Barrymore’s playful display didn’t jibe with all her followers (“But how do you get to the precious books?”), we have to applaud her for taking a chance and breaking the decorating rules. Where is it written that a gallery wall has to be a wall? What’s more, it’s a low-effort project. Just pick a shelf and hang away—the symmetry is already there! Check out this similar setup featuring just one frame:

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

One thing to keep in mind if you do choose to re-create Barrymore’s eye-catching look at home: Stick to lightweight works that can hang from an adhesive strip. That way you won’t risk damaging the bookshelf when you swap out pieces (or temporarily move them when you need to get to your favorite hardback).

Kick-start your #Shelfie with these four pieces: 

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