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Don’t get us wrong: We love a good gallery wall or even a simple framed work of art, but sometimes it’s a good idea to try something with a little more texture. From simple yarn weavings to intricate textile art, a unique wall hanging can add dimension to your space and make it look, well, cooler.

Of course, wall hangings—especially large-scale ones—can come at a pretty penny. A lot of effort goes into creating these kinds of elaborate room accents. If you can’t budget one into your room refresh fund, we have some good news: You can (and should) make a wall hanging yourself. Our favorite DIY wall hanging ideas span a wide range of styles, as well as effort levels. Seriously, even if you don’t consider yourself a crafting expert, you can definitely make a work of art that makes your room pop. So go ahead and try them, won’t you?

If you’re a big fan of sprinkles

photography by aaron bengochea

Consider this wall hanging (a Domino original!) the decor version of a soft-serve ice cream cone drenched in rainbow sprinkles. Never made your own pom-poms before? Consider now a good time to start.

If you keep things simple

Attention, everyone who has ever quit a DIY halfway through because things simply got too complicated: Designing Vibes has your back, with this “stupidly easy” project—her words, not ours. The end result is a minimalist marvel, thanks to its neutral hues.

If you aspire to be a minimalist

This simple hanging by Style Bee is simple enough for a novice to put together and its sleek black-and-white design melds well with most design styles. If you’re feeling a bit more experimental, switch up your colors—you might even consider attempting an ombré look.

If Joanna Gaines knows you better than you know yourself

Sure, this style of woven wall hanging has been done time and time again, but that doesn’t make us love it any less. A Beautiful Mess’s step-by-step instructions make it easy to make your own, with the help of a mini loom. Stick with a neutral palette for a rustic appeal, but don’t be afraid to throw in some more vibrant colors.

If you always look on the bright side

Channel Kacey Musgraves and bring out your inner rainbow with this sweet piece of wall decor. You don’t have to go full ROY G. BIV, as Pure Sweet Joy demonstrates here—a selection of pastels also looks pretty.

If you are, admittedly, a bit extra

Even if you’re not an aspiring ballerina, it’s hard to resist a bit of tulle. Ruffled Blog makes a compelling case for DIY’ing a wall tutu. We love it in pastel pink, but just imagine how cheerful this project would look in yellow or orange too.

If you’re all about the Matisse trend

Not only does this massive wall hanging, made out of cardstock, make for an impressive photo background at your next fete, but it also makes a striking living room addition. If tapestries aren’t quite your vibe, consider this DIY by Ruffled Blog instead.

If you believe bigger is better

Do you ever look at a tassel on a blanket or pillowcase and think to yourself, “I would like this but bigger and in a larger quantity”? Same! That’s exactly why A Beautiful Mess’s giant tassel wall hanging makes our hearts sing.

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