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All you really need to reinvigorate your home is some string, a needle, plenty of patience, and a creative mind—really. Embroidery has long been a fan-favorite way to spice up your wardrobe (who doesn’t love a jacket garnished with their name on its lapel), but this time-honored craft is an underrated way to bring some color, pattern, and personality to your home too. Whether you’re all about a simple stitch or you prefer to have fun with plenty of patterns and colors, there’s an embroidery project that’s sure to strike your fancy.

Even if you’ve hardly ever picked up a needle before, these embroidery patterns for beginners are approachable, fun to follow, and even more satisfying to complete—just imagine the pride you’ll get when you reveal that your new pillow, wall art, or any other DIY creation was made thanks to your careful hand. It’s time to get crafty and get your embroidery hoops ready.

If your accent chair needs a bit of pizzazz

Elise Abigail Photo courtesy of a beautiful mess

A good throw pillow always manages to make a sofa or armchair look even more polished. With A Beautiful Mess’s pillow DIY, you can easily craft your own denim pillow with charming, farmhouse-inspired crosshatch embroidery. Want to make it even easier? Skip the pillow-making portion of this project by starting off with a store-bought or old throw pillow cover.

If you want storage solutions with style

Don’t have any embroidery floss on hand? No problem. Design Improvised uses colorful yarn to transform simple baskets in this playful DIY. Pick up baskets or woven trays at the thrift store to complete this craft on a tiny budget.

If you’re looking to liven up your gallery wall

We believe that a good piece of graphic art can do a lot to bring energy and color into a space—and A Beautiful Mess proves that an abstract artwork doesn’t have to be a print or painting. This totally satisfying yarn-embroidered artwork looks impressive but is simple enough for beginners to make.

If you pay attention to every single detail

When even your trash can looks good, you know you’ve done due diligence decorating your room. Design Improvised’s easy project makes an otherwise simple mesh trash can (which you can find at Target or Bed Bath and Beyond) into an unexpected statement piece.

If you want to make an advanced-looking craft with beginner skills

This wall art by Design Sponge looks incredibly difficult to complete, but its 3-D effect is achieved easily with the help of a cord. Get experimental with your color combinations—colors that sit on opposite ends of the color wheel make for impactful pairings.

If you’re always down for a dose of whimsy

With a clock this cute, you may never be late again. Fall for DIY’s basket results in a totally functional wall clock that makes a unique room accent. Best of all, this DIY can easily be finished in under an hour.

If you’ve been meaning to start a scrapbook for years

A full-on DIY photo book can feel like a massive undertaking—that’s why we love Pretty Life Girls’ embroidered photo project as a fun alternative. Pick three of your favorite photos, get creative with your embroidery thread, and create a colorful arrangement of the finished projects on your wall. Bonus: They also make great gifts.

If you want a project you can zone out with

Embroidery can feel meditative, especially when you’re sticking to a consistent, simple stitch over a large surface area. Once you stitch the frame of this pattern in Bunny Baubles’ pillow DIY, the job of filling it in can make you feel super zen.

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