Published on October 18, 2017

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Photography by PHUONG NGUYEN
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Photography by PHUONG NGUYEN

Whether you’re going solo, dressing up with a significant other or attending a Halloween bash with your group, sometimes it’s easiest (and most cost-effective!) to create a last-minute costume with items you already have. These creative ideas come right from your closet so you can still look cute and creative. Click through to get ideas on how to enjoy all those Halloween festivities without any fuss.

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Photography by US WEEKLY

Crazy Tom Cruise


Risky Business

Tom Cruise is always a classic and another easy costume to copy (white button down and socks!), we thought recreating this moment was just as memorable.

What You Need:

Gray Pants

Black Sweater

Couch Cushion

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French Girl

It’s perfectly acceptable to tote around a baguette to snack on all night long.

What You Need:

Striped Shirt

Skinny Jeans


Ballet Flats

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Photography by PINTEREST


It’s hard to mess with a classic. If you’ve got a sheet to spare, toss one over your head, cut out holes for your eyes and you’re ready to roll out. Or wear all-white and scare people for daring to do it after Labor Day.

What You Need:

White Sheet

White Tee

White Jeans

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Photography by PINTEREST

Jenny Gump

Jenny had a lot of iconic moments in Forrest Gump, but perhaps none as amazing as when she and Forrest spot one another in front of the Washington Monument. All. The. Feels.

What You Need:

Lace Dress

Knee High Boots


Protest Pins

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Photography by TOTAL BEAUTY

Kimmy Schmidt

Quirky color pairings and bright patterns make it easy to copy Kimmy’s style.

What You Need:

Floral Blouse


Colored Jeans


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Photography by JUST JARED

Miley Cyrus

There are so many signature Miley looks, but we really love her off-duty style. Just don’t forget to stick out your tongue for photos.

What You Need:

Crop Top

High Waist Jeans

Drawn on Tattoos

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Photography by JEN LOVES KEV

Bank Robber

This classic crook costume looks a lot like our weekend uniform. Bring a bag filled with fake money (or candy) to complete the look.

What You Need:

Black Striped Shirt

Black Pants

Black Beanie

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Rosie The Riveter

We’re all looking for extra girl power and who better to represent than Rosie herself? Wear this denim head-to-toe look and be sure to pose in her signature stance.

What You Need:

Chambray Shirt

Jeans or Overalls

Red Bandana

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Photography by HBO

Selina Meyer

Dig out that old interview outfit and go as everyone’s favorite politician. Don’t forget to shake hands and have some witty quips at the ready.

What You Need:





American Flag pin

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Photography by ZIMBIO

Steve Jobs

Go as the titan of tech himself in this easily styled ensemble.

What You Need:

Black Turtleneck





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Photography by ZIMBIO

Victoria Beckham

The hands-down chicest Spice Girl, Posh is known for her sky high heels and her LBD. Bonus points if you can find someone to be your date as Becks.

What You Need:

Black Bodycon Dress


Large sunglasses

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Photography by PINTEREST

Ladies from the Walking Dead

Go out as the ultimate girl gang and slay, ladies, slay.

What You Need:

Dirty T-Shirt

Dirty Jeans


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Photography by PINTEREST

Wayne or Garth from Wayne’s World

Our favorite SNL duo know how to rock ’90s grunge best. Party time! Excellent!

What You Need:

Flannel Shirts

Ripped Jeans

Band Tees

Converse Sneakers

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Photography by CALLA IN MOTION


Easy? Check. Comfortable? Yes. Sport your workout clothes and go as a yogi. You might even be inspired to hit the gym before a party.

What You Need:

Workout clothes

Yoga mat