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It’s no secret that we’re always on the lookout for ingenious Ikea hacks and decor, but even we have to admit that the Scandi brand’s products aren’t always the easiest to remember—let alone pronounce. That’s because many of the retailer’s product names stem from Swedish words, names, and locations, while other words are just completely made up. Plus, Ikea is constantly launching new products, so it can be hard to keep track of everything.

But thankfully, there’s now a handy dictionary to help curious shoppers remember which sofa they fell in love with online, or what barstool they spotted on the floor.

Per Lifehacker, the idea of a comprehensive dictionary came from Lars Petrus Petrus, an accomplished Rubik’s Cube world champion. Petrus’ ambitious project was an independent one, and the dictionary is in no way affiliated with the brand—the Swede simply claims that he wanted to share the company’s clever (and often quite humorous) product names with the world.

Currently, there are 1,362

Ikea product names

(mind-blowing, right?) and Petrus’s glossary is only missing about 130. Inquisitive customers will learn exactly what Ikea’s unusual names mean—for example, ‘BASTIS’ is slang for best friend, ‘FLOKATI’ refers to an ancient Macedonian wool rug, and ‘LINNARP’ is apparently an uninhabited place in south Sweden. So whether you’re looking for a clever way to remember a wishlist item or are a furniture fiend in search of an exciting road trip game, Petrus’ enlightening guide lets loyal shoppers get to know one of their favorite brands a little bit better.

You can browse through the full dictionary here.

Source: Lifehacker