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If you’ve been paying attention recently, you’ll know that Ikea just announced a huge collection of collabs slated to launch in the upcoming years as part of the company’s annual Democratic Design Days event. And that’s not all: The Swedish juggernaut also announced that it will be celebrating its 75th anniversary this year—and to commemorate this momentous occasion, Ikea is releasing the Gratulera collection, a retrospective look at iconic Ikea pieces from decades past with a modern twist.

But don’t think the company’s only goal is coming out with more and more chic products for you to buy. The retail giant has also been working on a number of other initiatives—namely, sustainability. Per Ikea’s just-released People & Planet Positive report, they’ve been working on creating a more sustainable future for quite some time… but to be honest, we kind of knew that already. Recent announcements from the brand have included all sorts of really great efforts to make the world more environmentally friendly, from selling solar panels in the UK to actively working on furniture rental and buyback programs to even inventing food made from bugs (although we can’t really blame you if you’re the least excited about that one).

This newest report, however, is definitive proof of how hard Ikea is working to decrease its carbon footprint; both impressive and necessary given just how big an impact the global company has. The brand wants to be completely “planet positive” by 2030, something that will be achieved by cutting down the use of plastic in production and working in partnership with innovators in the design space to create items that align with this initiative. By narrowing its focus to three main goals of being circular and climate positive, fair and equal, and healthy and sustainable, Ikea plans to make its goals a reality in a fairly short period of time, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Ahead, check out five main initiatives we’re most excited about from the company’s newly announced manifesto.

1. All products will be redesigned by 2030.

The company will start redesigning all products over the next 12 years with renewable and recycled materials. This is in order to make sure the process is green from beginning to end, and that all products are designed to be repurposed, repaired, reused, resold, and recycled.

2. Expect more plant-based food options.

Okay, maybe bugs aren’t quite on your list of delicacies to sample, but according to Ikea, plant-based foods are the key to a more sustainable future. They believe that rising consumption of meat and dairy causes scarcity of resources, and so to help prevent that, they will work on creating more plant-based options of your favorite meaty treats, like hot dogs and hamburgers, as soon as August 2018.

3. Ikea solar panels will be available in 29 new Ikea markets by 2025.

Previously only available in the UK, Ikea will be rolling out its solar panels to 29 new global markets. In addition to the clear eco-friendly impact this would have, it also provides a financial one; according to the company, installing solar panels can help a single home save more than 50 percent on electricity bills. While we don’t know for sure what the new markets will be, we can only hope the US is on that list.

4. Ikea will get even more affordable.

Lest you thought that all these changes mean you’ll be shelling out more for your recycled Ikea products, know that a huge part of the company’s mission is making living green easier for more people than ever before—and a huge part of that is price point.

“People expect businesses and brands like Ikea to make living a more sustainable life affordable and appealing,” writes the brand in the report. “They are searching for ideas and solutions and are counting on new, innovative ways of living: in smaller spaces, for being more conscious and less wasteful in what they buy, and for prolonging the life of their things.”

5. Also, expect more bang for your buck.

So, not only will your products be more affordable than ever, but you’ll also have the luxury of having them last as long as more higher-end options. Not only will this save you money in the long run, but it’ll also make sure you’re living a more waste-free life.

And there’s oh so much more—from focusing on human rights to transforming into a circular business—we couldn’t really do it all justice. Check out the entire report, in Ikea’s words, here.

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