Published on September 4, 2021

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Courtesy of IKEA

Say goodbye to the days of leaving your mint-condition, already-assembled Malm bed or lightly used Besta cabinet at the curb. IKEA now has a place for all your starter furniture to go when it’s time to part ways. Meet its new Buy Back & Resell Service

The program, which is being piloted at the company’s Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, location from September 4 to 19, is an effort to build a more sustainable brand. Fans of the Swedish retailer can now essentially “return” their gently used and fully built furniture in exchange for store credit. With supply chain shortages, this is also a chance for you to purchase iconic pieces (looking at you, Billy bookcase) at a discount without fearing they’ll be out of stock…again. 

Almost every category of furnishings is eligible for buyback, excluding upholstered products and items that have been recalled. The initiative won’t roll out at all IKEA locations until later in 2022, but we’re already making our wish lists. One person’s starter storage bed is another’s forever staple.

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