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Add Texture 

By placing a SINNERLIG rug behind each nightstand, you’ll add texture and color to the room while bringing together a sense of completeness. This is a great alternative to mirrors or framed art.

Faux Headboard

Hang a SINNERLIG rug behind the bed for an instant, easy headboard that requires zero assembly!

Kitchen Workstation

If your apartment kitchen lacks functionality, pair a LILLÅSEN desk with a pegboard above, and storage bins below.


Instant mudroom.

Using a SINNERLIG coffee table as a bench, together with one TRYGGHET cabinet and SVARTSJÖN hook per child, you can create an organized place for bags, coats, homework etc right at your front door.

Non-Refrigerated Storage

Current wisdom is that not all produce should actually be stored in your fridge. Find a good resource or guide for produce, and then pair various SKOGSTA bins and mount them to your wall.

Coffee Table With Storage

A tabletop and two SKOGSTA bins painted in the hue of your choice will offer you a smart surface for the living room, without any wasted space! Turn the bins on their sides if you plan to store items like blankets or slippers that you’ll use often.

Toy Organizer

If the toy or stuffed animal situation is getting out of control, buy a few VARIERA bins and mount them on the wall in a grid shape. Encourage your child to organize his or her own toys how they like…just as long as they’re in the bins!


Bed Canopy

For a canopy with a bit of volume, drape fabric over a LATTJO skirt and affix to the ceiling. We opted for white but we can see this looking lovely in a child’s bedroom in any color.

Pinterest-Inspired Wedding Cake Stand

Paint a SKOGSTA platter in the color of your choice, and add festive mini-bunting around the bottom. This is a fun idea for a baby shower, too!

Tiered Server

When a cheese board just won’t hold it all, opt for a multi-level server, using two SKOGSTA platters joined at their middle by copper tubing.

Custom Planters

It doesn’t get easier than SINNERLIG planters & washi tape!


Bejeweled Barware 

Using any size SINNERLIG jar you like, add colorful crystals to the stoppers for barware that’s not basic.

Cat Bed

Can you handle the cuteness? Sew two SINNERLIG baskets together, cut out a cat-sized hole, and line the interior with a soft fabric or crinkly paper. Meow.