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By Gwen Hefner

At the end of last year we moved into a new-to-us home that included a wood paneled living room. While painting the wood could have instantly updated the space, I liked the idea of working with this original, traditional detail. As I layered on more modern accents, art seemed like a good place to get an abstract look, especially on a budget.  Inspired by the look of Rorschach’s pieces, I wanted to try and achieve something similar.


1. Mixed media paper
2. A tube of acrylic paint
3. Waxed paper


Cut a piece of waxed paper to the size of your artwork’s paper.


Fold the waxed paper in half.


Open the waxed paper back up and squirt paint on one side, abstractly.


Fold in half again and use your hands to smooth out the paint.


Open back up to reveal your design.


Place the waxed paper faced down on the paper and smooth with your hands.


Peel away to reveal your art and enjoy!

*Optional: Reuse waxed paper again for a more textured look.

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