diy dorm art

Easy ideas for decorating bare dorm walls. Just. Like. Home.

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Don’t let cramped quarters keep you from showing your true style. Bet your new roomie will also be grateful.

Photography by JUSTIN BERNHAUT

Stick to a palette that you can easily weave into a small area. Keep in mind, too many colors in a small space can be overwhelming. A graphic print electrifies a space in a chic shade like cherry red or sky blue.

Photography by Kristin Jackson

Create a custom wallpaper panel for the room in seconds. Attach a favorite scrap of paper—wallpaper, wrapping paper, a map, even fabric—to the board with either spray adhesive or by wrapping the paper around the board and taping it to the backside.  For a classy finishing touch, glue pieces of wood trim to the edges.

Jenna Lyons Black and Gray and White Dining room
Photography by MELANIE ACEVEDO

The black-and-white piece that hangs here can be recreated with acrylic paint on canvas. Don’t be afraid to make the circles a little messy—imperfection is what gives the piece interest and your room a bit of your personality.

Black and Brown and Taupe and Wood Living room
Photography by SOLVI DOS SANTOS

Consider getting a huge print of a favorite photo for cheap by going to a print or office supply store and asking for an engineering print. Most stores charge about $3 for a 2-by-3-foot black-and-white picture. The picture quality won’t be amazing, but it’ll be worth three bucks.

Green Hallway

A handmade, brightly colored tapestry hung behind the bed is the ultimate makeshift headboard. Make your own with a piece of muslin or an old flat sheet and acrylic paint in your favorite shades. To avoid bright colors mixing and turning brown, wait until each color is dry before painting another on top.