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text by    ALYSSA CLOUGH

Reupholstering is quite the expensive endeavor. Sometimes, it’s a project worth diving into. Like saving a vintage flea market find in desperate need of an update or redoing an expensive couch that doesn’t fit the color scheme of your new home. But tearing apart your Ikea couch because you’re bored? Don’t think so. Read on for 5 ways to alter your couch without resorting to reupholstery.

order a slipcover If you are committed to changing the color of your couch and are looking for a one-and-done solution, look no further. There are websites who have made a business off selling slipcovers solely for Ikea couches—in every color and fabric imaginable. (Check out Bemz if you don’t believe us!) Just be careful. Slipcovers are a worthy investment if you are certain you like the new color you’ve chosen AND your couch. Most cost around half the original value of your sofa (!!).

throw a sheet on it This is the low-budget version of ordering a slipcover. Covering your couch in a blanket or sheet large enough to lay over the entire surface area of your sofa is an easy swap. If you style it correctly, the look will feel intentional and your guests will laud your creativity. Extra points for using a softer or textured fabric. Did someone say upgrade?

paint Yep, you read that right. Paint your fabric furniture—but not with any old paint. Pick up soft fabric paint at your local craft store or try Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®. This unique matte, chalk-like paint can be applied to almost any surface—including fabric. It will resemble vinyl when you’re done painting but once the wax seal is applied, your sofa will feel more like a smooth, soft wax canvas. One quart is enough for most couches, meaning the entire DIY project will only cost around seventy dollars. For more information, visit {verdigreen}.

add pillows—and lots of them If taking the plunge and changing your couch color is too much, we feel you. Ease into a big change by instead filing your couch with pillows of many colors, patterns, and textures. Fold a throw over one or both armrests to incorporate even more shades.

try a stain Whether you’re looking to match—or mismatch—the stains of your couch legs and arms with the rest of the furniture in your living room, you’d be surprised how much of a difference changing the color makes. With little surface area to cover, this small DIY will prove inexpensive and easy compared to a full reupholstery project.