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Paint A Pattern 

Naturally, you’ll want to check with your landlord before making this change, but an old or uneven wood floor would benefit from a crisp pattern choice to distract the eye.

Paint A Solid

Even floors with lackluster color will benefit from a good whitewash (or graywash, etc) to update the look of an entire room with one change.

Layer Rugs

A new classic move. Layering allows for hiding floors that have trouble spots in areas that don’t make a perfect rectangle. In addition, they add multiple textures and interest to a room. They also allow for switching things up on the fly when you get inspired.

Peel & Stick Tiles

Perfect for a bathroom, kitchen, or entryway, peel-and-stick vinyl tiles allow you to sneakily cover up an undesirable floor with minimal effort.

Poufs, Cushions, and the like

For concealing just a rough spot or two, a set of floor cushions or a carefully placed pouf will do the trick. For larger areas, consider creating a cozy reading nook, or situating a seating area or home bar over the offending floorspace.

Fake A Built-In

A bench paired with bookshelves on either side will serve to conceal floor ugliness, while offering additional storage and seating.

Sisal Everywhere

Wall-to-wall carpeting is less scary with a sisal rug. It easy allows for layering, its neutral tone lets you bring in the accent colors of your choice, and it’s kinda just fun to say.

Or A Big Sisal

If wall-to-wall truly freaks you out, consider a large sisal instead. It will pull the focus of the room into the center, and allow you to build your room on top of any little flooring secrets you happen to be hiding.

Carpet Tiles

Also trending hard in the world of I-hate-my-floors, carpet tiles. Flor is a solid resource if you’re looking for a temporary or easily customizable solution that will help you (finally) love your rental.