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Photography by Crop from archives

Sometimes they’re extra seating, sometimes they’re ottomans, and sometimes they’re just…there. If you’ve seen the same floor pouf styling over and over again, something once chic can start to feel cliche. We found ten ways to renew your passion for the pouf. 

First of all, they live outside, too! If you’ll scream if you see one more plastic folding chair, scatter a few indoor/outdoor poufs around areas great for gathering. 

Photography by Crop from archives

They’re basically just big pillows. Who doesn’t love extra pillows? They add a warm, comforting feeling to a room when layered together adjacent to a coffee table. 


They can replace a coffee table! This is a great trick for families with learning-to-walk kiddos. A floor pouf stack in place of a coffee table makes the room feel complete minus the four-cornered obstacle. Bonus: They’re a soft place to land. 

Photography by BOBBY FISHER

They’re romantic as heck. A night al fresco is much more intimate with this relaxed seating option. 

Photography by MELANIE ACEVEDO

Need a throwback? An oversized pouf or ottoman used in a dressing room (or boudoir, if you will) adds a sense of nostalgic elegance. Feel fancy yet? 

Photography by PAUL COSTELLO

They make good sense. Adding a pouf to a multi-purpose room offers extra seating or surface area for projects that spring up out of nowhere. 


They really do complete a room. Foot-of-bed space is such a cool opportunity to play with decor. A bench might be more traditional, but two poufs paired here feels fresh and luxurious. 

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

They’re just cozy. A warm, inviting pouf feels perfectly in place in the nursery, where cozy is king.

Photography by style-files.com

They let you play. If you’re experimenting with height, poufs contribute beautifully to a room focused low. 


They fill the void. Negative space vanishes fast with a pouf pairing. Entertaining? Tuck them closer to the coffee table to allow for maximum mingling square footage.