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Picture this: You just got home from a long day of work and there’s nothing you’re looking forward to more than taking off your uncomfortable pants and jumping into bed. You go into your room, thinking about everything stressing you out—but then you look at your bed. It’s nearly impossible not to smile when you spot the oversize banana pillow you’ve propped on top of it.

Beds are something to be taken seriously—the mattress you select needs to keep you well supported and the bedding must be carefully chosen so it feels cool and comfortable against your skin. But that’s not to say there isn’t room for a bit of fun—especially in our current world, where a little extra joy goes a long way. Novelty pillows are the mood boosters we didn’t know we needed.

A pillow shaped like a massive fruit or vegetable is out of the ordinary, but let’s set something straight: It is still more grown-up than the pile of stuffed animals you fell asleep with as a child. We see it, instead, as a whimsical design accent—this bed setup by Caitlin Mociun is proof alone that sometimes the wackiest element in a room is the thing that takes it to the next level style-wise. 

So the next time you think about refreshing your throw pillows, consider cuddling a carrot instead. Or resting your lower back on a banana. Or cozying up with some cherries. Or keeping things surprising with an extra-long knit hot dog. There might be no better path to sweet—and certainly Technicolor—dreams.

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