By Rachel Barber

Published on June 5, 2018

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Photography by Couleur Locale

Placing your bed directly on the floor can often look like an accident or a mess—which is not ideal when you’re trying to design a thoughtfully decorated home that’s the best version of yourself, and doesn’t low-key resemble a frat house. Whether you’re embracing the carefully undone bohemian aesthetic or opting for a simple, pared back minimalist vibe, there are plenty of ways to style a floor bed that won’t feel like you’re still in college. Here are some of our favorites.

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Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Make use of your newly taller ceilings

A lower bed = more empty walls and ceiling space. Fill the void by playing with height; be it through a gallery wall of mismatched frames or different-sized pendant lights, like this arrangement of paper lanterns. The uneven effect only adds to the laid back vibe instigated by choosing to put your mattress on the floor.

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Photography by Andrea Posadas Creative

Get rid of other traditional fixtures

Follow the spirit of the frame-less bed, and eschew regular furniture and decor in favor of something more casual. Nightstand? Don’t need it; keep your favorite books stacked within reach for a makeshift side table instead. And rather than hang all your artwork, do what blogger Erin Hiemstra did in her San Francisco home, and simply prop your pieces against the wall for a more relaxed style.

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Courtesy of Zara Home

Go small

Live in a tiny studio? There’s no rule that says you must take up space with a bulky queen mattress. A twin sized option that can double as a sofa during the day and easily convert into a comfy bed at night is perfect for both small space dwellers and people sharing a bedroom.
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Move everything down

Your bed is floor level, so it only makes sense that everything else should be within reach, too. Move your headboard down to prop it against the wall like in this room, and eschew a standard bedside table for a chic tray instead.

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Create a calm space

There’s something zen and minimalist about having your bed on the floor instead of a more formal sleeping arrangement, so transform your space into the ultimate haven with muted colors and textured bedding. Candles and chic vases further add to the relaxed vibe of this particular room.

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Photography by HOMELI

Let in natural light

With a window like this it would be a shame to cover it up, so a bed-on-floor situation is the only way to go. Let the light shine through by providing completely unobstructed access to the window. Plus, having your bed directly under the window may help you naturally wake up earlier thanks to the early-morning light.

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Hang your plants

Greenery livens up any room—literally—but when placed above the bed like in this moody bedroom, it makes for a chic wall hanging. You can swap out your plant of choice seasonally or even according to your mood, making it a much more versatile decor option than your standard wall art.

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Photography by Souraya Hassan

Whitewash the room

A whitewashed aesthetic not only imparts a space with a uniform feel, but also manages to camouflage the fact that the bed sits directly on the floor.

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Choose your lighting carefully

One of the potential downsides of having your bed on the floor is that you may not be in easy reach of a light switch. Sidestep this problem by attaching the light to the wall just above your mattress (with an easily-accessible switch, of course!).

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Add a rug

If your space is feeling a little bare without a bulky bed frame to fill it up, dress up the room with a fun rug.

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Section it off

Create a cozy nook with some strategically-placed curtains to make your sleeping area more private. We love this cabin-esque space that separates the bed itself from the rest of the bedroom.

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Photography by Elle Decor France

Create an illusion with paint

Transform your floor bed from convenient to deliberate with wall paint. Paint part of the wall, stopping where a headboard would end. Then simply use a color that ties into the bed linens to complete the space.

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Photography by Studio Onik 

Loft it

If you’re lucky enough to have a lofted area in your apartment, place the bed on top for an instantly intentional look.

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Photography by BUZZFEED

Create a canopy

Works in both a child’s room or an adult’s apartment. There’s so much room to play with fabric choice here. We’ve even seen it done with a tablecloth! Add string lights for a cozy, whimsical touch.

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Photography by Lesley Unruh

Tapestry headboard

Similarly, a tapestry can work as a headboard, adding a bohemian vibe to any floor bed. Go colorful or try a neutral option with lots of texture.

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Photography by My deco shop

Go minimalist

Keep the bed from looking sloppy by choosing basic bed linens and sparse decor. If you’re bed is always tidy, it will look ultra modern, not messy.

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Play with angles

You make the rules, so you decide if your bed needs to connect with the wall, and how. Experiment with the angle at which you place your bed and even layering rugs underneath.

This story was originally published July 31, 2015. It has been updated with new information.

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