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These 6 Built-In Kids’ Beds Are a Step Above the Rest

Movin’ on up.
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Children’s beds typically fall under two categories: small and extra-small. We get it—kids don’t require a ton of room (at least until they hit a growth spurt). But a standard twin-size mattress tucked in the corner doesn’t exactly spark the imagination. Nor is it necessarily the best use of space. So why not take the whole setup to the next level? Literally.

Our favorite kids’ rooms right now are raising the bar with elevated platforms and storage-friendly bunks. Hidden drawers, secret lofts, built-in staircases—there’s so much you can achieve just by lifting the bed a couple of feet off the floor. Forget race cars and trundles: These six built-in beds make the case for going custom. 

The Blank Canvas

Nothing is too precious in this Dumbo, Brooklyn, home by Current Interiors, including the birch and plywood bunk bed in the little girl’s room. The ready-made piece from local furniture maker Casa Kids features a series of streamlined drawers set into the steps, with simple cutout holes for easy access. Instead of refreshing the furniture every five or so years as their daughter’s tastes change, Mom and Dad can simply swap out the bedding. 

The Book Nook

photo courtesy of studio db

This built-in bunk has room for all the essentials. Clothing and out-of-season gear go in the large drawers at the lowest level, while books have their own handy spot on the open shelf. The bonus ledge makes climbing into bed with new reading material easy.

The Pink Palace 

photo by anne deppe photography | Design by Jall and Tofta

Up top, you’ll find the makings of a loft bed, but down below? A proper playroom. Complete with a floor-length curtain and an ascending wall of cubbies, the lower level of this Jall and Tofta–designed space is primed for impromptu performances. 

The Two-for-One

photo courtesy of marie willumsen

Graphic designer and illustrator Marie Willumsen clearly thought through every stage when putting together her children’s room. With a decked-out nursery below and big kids’ quarters above, the layout is especially smart for city parents in cramped apartments. 

The Slumber Party Starter

photo courtesy of casa kids

Another genius creation from Casa Kids, this impressive unit promises triple the fun (no, really, there’s a third sleeping nook at the tippy top!). If you want to be known as the family that hosts epic sleepovers, this tower-like bunk is definitely the move. 

The Dream Catcher 

photo courtesy of crystal sinclair

You don’t even need to turn out the lights to get youngsters to fall asleep in this sweet bedroom. To encourage sweet dreams, designer Crystal Sinclair installed a double-height, sun-blocking curtain along the inside of the built-in nook.

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