Fun Bunk Bed Tweaks, a Closet for Two, and More Shared Kids’ Room Solves

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Some of the best and (let’s be real) most frustrating moments of childhood come when you share a room with your sibling. On the one hand it means late-night gossip sessions (usually about Mom and Dad) and someone to share stolen snacks with. On the other it might translate to cramped closets, bickering over bedtime, and no privacy. The best way to ensure that your kids’ hideaway features more of the good than the bad? Creative setups that make sharing actually fun. From floor-to-ceiling murals to bunk beds with a twist, here are nine siblings’ rooms to inspire your family’s unique designs. 

Customization Station

Photography by Jordan Ferney

Oh Happy Day founder and Domino columnist Jordan Ferney customized bunk beds for her tween sons (Moses, 13, and Roman, 10) to match their chosen color palette: fire-engine red and earthy brown. She had the bed frame powder coated and used acrylic paint to match the reading lamps to the bedding, while giving the boys a say in decorating the rest of the room (think: a colorfully curated wall of meaningful treasures and framed self-portraits).

Up, Up, and Away

Photography by Sean Litchfield

Manhattan-based mom Teresa Connor can confirm: Brothers who play together stay together. Using the room’s extra vertical space, she created a treehouse-style sleep zone for sons Niko (7) and Roko (5)a twist on traditional bunksand carved out a netted-in play loft to clear the way for plenty of storage and make-believe fun down below.

Behind the Curtain

Photography by Anita Yokota

For SoCal designer Anita Yokota’s daughters (Natalie, 12, and Emily, 7), sharing closet space became even more of a negotiation thanks to awkward sliding doors. In a budget-minded move, Yokota replaced them with curtains mounted on a simple ceiling track, allowing the girls to pick out outfits simultaneously. Adding dedicated spots for alone time (a hanging rattan chair and slim wood desk) gave the room even more chances of being peacefully cohabitated.

Triple the Fun

Photography and Design by Abby Clawson Low

When art director Abby Clawson Low moved with her three sonsThomas (11), Matthew (9), and Andrew (6)from Mexico City to Dallas, their one request was to all sleep in the same room. (Aww!) Her space-saving solution? Triple bunk beds. Not only do they look super-cool decked out in striped pillows and checkerboard sheets, they also free up the floor area for play. 

Oh, What a World

Photography by Lea Hartman

While North Carolina schoolteacher and design blogger Stacey-Ann Blake’s husband was away from home, serving with the United States Army Special Forces, she wanted to help sons Zion (12) and Ian (9) understand where he was in the world by adding a floor-to-ceiling map behind their twin beds that they could look at at bedtime and wish Dada good night. The meaningful piece just so happens to make for a great learning tool, too. 

Bring the Outdoors In

Photography by Sara Tramp; Design by Emily Henderson Design

If, after this year, your kids’ bedroom needs to double as a getaway and play space, make like Emily Henderson and lean into a theme. For siblings Charlie (7) and Elliot (5), she transformed the room into a summer camp–inspired escape using a ceiling-mounted tent-like canopy, woodland-print bedding, and safari-style trunk–turned–bedside table. 

Cloud Watching

Photography by Annie Schlechter

In jewelry designer Maria Dueñas Jacobs’s Manhattan apartment, every square foot counts and the kids outnumber the adults, so it only made sense to hand over the bigger bedroom to her daughters (Luna, 7, and twins Isa and Silvi, 5). Set against a dreamy sky mural, the custom loft bed and two tucked below are primed for slumber parties 24-7.

Sharing Is Caring 

Photography by Karla Graves

Husband-and-wife design duo Karla and Ray Graves wanted to focus on the play aspect of their three sons’ shared bedroom (Aidian, 14; Roman, 10; Liam, 5), so to best utilize the limited layout (they only had 120 square feet to work with), up went a custom bunk bed with cloudlike cubbies, a rope swing, and space for baby sister Penny to take over during the day. 

Double Up

Photography by Alex Zarour

Fifteen-year-old Los Angeles artist and activist Lucy Lipofsky may not have siblings—although golden retriever Millie essentially counts—but her room sports a clever shared setup. Two twin beds face each other toe-to-toe, fitting perfectly in the nook, creating one long daybed meant for hangouts and sleepovers alike. 

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