Published on October 17, 2019

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photo by aaron bengochea

Few things compare to the comfort of curling up in a blanket on a chilly day, tucked in your own little cocoon away from the cold. After all, fall and winter are all about nesting. A pile of afghans and enough pillows to built a fort are crucial ingredients for a dreamy bed, but one more addition can make it even better: flannel sheets.

Think about how it felt to slip on your favorite sweater for the first time this season. It’s perfectly worn-in, hugs you in all the right places, and provides that much-needed extra sense of comfort. Flannel sheets deliver the same experience on a nightly basis. Swap in one of these sets the next time you make your bed and prepare for instant coziness.

The Classic

If you’re faithful to your all-white bedding, there’s no need to change things up. These simple sheets are the wintertime version of your summer percale.

The Candlelight Counterpart

A warm color palette can make your bedroom feel less chilly physically and emotionally. Bonus: The brushed finish keeps these from pilling.

The Understated Plaid

When you don’t want to go full ski chalet but still want things feel a bit more seasonal, this super-simple checked flat sheet (with matching pillowcases) is the perfect option. 

The Blissed-Out Blue 

The subtle herringbone texture of this option make them look especially neat and crisp—but appearances are deceiving. To the touch, they’re soft as velvet.

The Perfect Pink

A splash of spring-like peony will pull you out of your wintertime sorrows—there’s a reason why it’s Benjamin Moore’s 2020 color of the year.

The Cottage Check

If you want to lean into the wintry cottage aesthetic, look no further than this black-and-white check. Pair it with your beloved hand-me-down quilt for some extra log cabin realness. 

The Skinny Stripes

Never underestimate the power of a pinstripe when you want to look put-together. These sheets have the power of making your bed look extra tidy—even if you can’t be bothered to make hospital corners.

The Just-Right Geo

When it comes to patterns, this gingham set is pretty much Goldilocks-approved—not too bold, not too subtle.

Hibernation never sounded so good.

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