Published on February 10, 2019

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Photography by Meghan McNeer

Cloud-white beds evocative of pristine hotel rooms will always have a place in our hearts, but there’s a new duvet trend that’s shaking up the bedroom. Golden-yellow bedspreads are having a major moment and they might just be the best way to make your room feel a little bit happier, warmer, and more playful.

As yellow duvets pop up around Instagram, they appeal in a range of shades. Some earthier gold tones lean close to a tan hue, while other citrons sit somewhere between yellow and green. Mustard and marigold yellows also make for a sunny option.

“It’s an incredible tone to work with because you can have these quite grounding earthy colors like desert, mustard or nugget that can be sophisticated and even a little bohemian,” says Alex McCabe, cofounder and creative director of bedding brand Kip & Co. “But at the other end of the scale, you have something like our Lemon Meringue and these really beautiful stone fruit colors, which are unashamedly summery, sunny, and frivolous.”

Sure, yellow might seem like a bold color, but its range makes it positively versatile. Maximalists might find themselves drawn to more dramatic iterations of the hue, but even minimalists can find a golden option that’s perfect for them.

“A bed is a huge focal point in a room, and earthier colors create a pop without it being too overpowering.  White will always be a classic, but even adding a simple terra-cotta pillowcase can add that something extra to your space,” explains Stephanie Clearly, creative director of Morrow Soft Goods, a bedding brand with three top-selling golden colors. “We found ourselves wearing these color palettes and saw the trend developing in fashion. Eventually, we wanted these earth tones in our spaces.”

No matter what your precise taste may be, a yellow duvet cover, sheets, or even just some accenting pillowcases can let the sunshine into your space. Shop our picks below.

Made from French flax, this gold-toned duvet strikes the perfect balance between earthy and elevated.

Linen sheet fabric is especially suited for yellow tones: Its visible weave adds texture to the golden hue, giving it a refined feel.

Ease into the trend with two bright yellow pillowcases—they’ll look great with your all-white bedspread.

This reversible pastel option has a sweet springtime appeal.

With its vibrant, borderline orange hue, this cotton option makes for a dramatic statement and makes the perfect canvas for a pile of jewel-toned throw pillows.

If you don’t want to switch out your duvet, opt for a quilt for a low-commitment change. This citron option looks great as your main blanket or as an accent.

This custom-dyed sheet set is made with ultra-soft Supima cotton for a perfectly comfy, brightly hued nest.

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