This One Swap Will Make Your Bed Feel Totally New

It’s an easy update.

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There are many elements that go into constructing a calm bedroom, but above all, the bed stands out as the focal point of the space—and, of course, the most important element comfort-wise. It can be pricey to invest in a whole new bedspread, complete with plush throws and linens, but luckily, there’s an even simpler way to transform your room entirely: Just swap in a new headboard.

The right headboard can totally redefine your space and can even make your bed more comfortable. After all, we spend more time in our bedrooms than any other space in our homes, so it’s crucial to design that room in a way that renders it as relaxing as possible.

If style is your utmost goal, consider an on-trend decorative rattan headboard, and if you want an extra-plush touch, opt for a Hollywood Regency–style velvet option. Not sure where to get started? Shop our edit of the best headboards you can buy right now.

The tall bronze bars of this headboard are ideal for a bedspread that includes a lot of pillows. Its dramatic height offers both form and function in a vintage-inspired package.

Think about how luxurious it feels to fall asleep on your favorite couch while watching a good movie. Now imagine if that experience was much more comfortable: That’s what this headboard delivers.

Headboards don’t necessarily have to be attached to your bed, as this fan proves: It adds vertical intrigue above a bed with a low headboard so you don’t have to change anything about your bed to refresh it. Don’t quite have the space for it? This piece would also look great above a couch.

This bohemian option can suit minimalists and maximalists alike thanks to its balance of simplicity and detail. Its simple geometric design has a wide appeal.

Looking for comfort and versatility all in one? This tufted gray headboard is the perfect option. With the ability to adjust to two different heights, it can accommodate different lounge styles, and in a classic yet contemporary style, it pairs well with a wide range of tastes.

Palm leaf wallpaper has enjoyed a revival over the past few years, but an upholstered headboard offers that same pattern in a smaller concentration (and an easier application process).

In a soft mauve hue, this Art Deco headboard looks particularly elegant. Soft velvet brings additional comfort, while the scalloped silhouette creates the perfect focal element for your bedroom.

This 70s-inspired headboard is a perfect pick for a bohemian space. Play up its naturally inspired silhouette with floral bedding in vivid, tropical hues.

A more contemporary take on a cane backing, this headboard is designed by a Barcelona-based studio that adds a cozy element to modern styles. The light oak looks particularly striking when paired with darker bedding, but it can also offer a calming appeal when paired with a neutral-hued bedspread.

With a lattice design that nods to the 1970s, this headboard has a dramatic appeal that can still blend in with more maximalist design schemes—all without overpowering the space. At $250, it’s a steal that will look great for years.

Thanks to its generous padding, this headboard is the ideal bedroom addition for those who love to read (or watch TV and movies) in bed. Its pine frame and pleated linen upholstery are also built to last.

Sustainably made, this rattan bed finds the perfect balance between tropical and classic, drawing inspiration from Louis XIV’s bed to result in a luxurious yet approachable piece.

This walnut headboard is ideal for small spaces where a single panel of wood would appear just a little too dark. The slats offer some negative space that translates into increased dimension that elevates even the simplest bedspread.

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