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When the weather outside is gray and dreary, a bit of color therapy can work wonders on your mood. In the summertime, an all-white, neutral-based palette might feel like the equivalent of an icy glass of cucumber water, but when winter rolls around, a bit of vibrance can do a whole lot of good—especially in a room where you start and end your day. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our favorite colorful bedrooms we’ve spotted on Instagram (all of which we found from our hashtag, #SOdomino).

Need some inspiration on how you can transform your space into a kaleidoscopic wonderland or even just a little push to swap out your all-white bedspread for something a bit more saturated? We’ve got you covered.


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Anchored by a black-and-white accent rug, the blend of pastels and jewel tones in this bohemian space range widely but come together to craft an energetic bedroom. The collection of wall art brings similar hues together to make the interior feel cohesive.


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A sweet, woodland animal–themed wallpaper is the core accent of this children’s bedroom, but a combination of soft pastels and some warmer earth tones keep it grounded. We especially love the pastel pink curtains, which allow plenty of natural light to suffuse the space.


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Can’t bear to part with your white bedspread? Not a problem: Top it with a rainbow-threaded Moroccan wedding blanket and a few richly hued throw pillows in similar patterns, and you’ll be left with a bohemian bedroom that bridges the gap between all-white everything and color wonderland.


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Don’t be afraid to go all-out on color and pattern. This kid’s bedroom proves that darker-hued wallpapers and rugs can coexist (it helps when one of them consists largely of earth tones). In this room, two main colors—blue and orange—dominate the room, but the wide range of patterns and hues prevents it from looking too dichromatic.


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In this airy space, color comes in the form of one super-contemporary quilt by Cold Picnic and a canvas from the 1970s, proving that when old meets new, magic can happen. If you happen to have a platform bed (like this one from Floyd), tuck in the ends of your duvet or quilt for an extra-neat finish.


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When you pair a portrait gallery–inspired wallpaper with actual portraits, it creates a satisfyingly meta wall scheme. Here color comes in small doses from art, an accent rug, and throw pillows that perfectly match a bedside table.


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A key element that ties this pattern-filled bedroom together is the simple, two-tone paint job. The turquoise wall paint is reflected in everything from an area rug to the bedspread to countless paintings, making everything feel purposeful.


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Tiny pops of neon feel just right in a more traditional bedroom style when they’re housed in elegantly framed paintings. Toned-down versions of those hues are mirrored in pastel throw pillows to complete the look.


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It can feel easier to add color to a room when you opt for different variations on one hue—in this case, pink. A dramatic over-bed tapestry delivers a major impact, while pale pink pillows soften the vibe. If you’re looking to add an additional hue, look no further than some verdant greenhouse plants.


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Never underestimate the power of a singular pop of color. This yellow headboard cheers up a room grounded in earth tones to bring just the right amount of sunshine to a calm, bright bedroom.


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Rattan furniture provides an ideal base for a color-filled bohemian space. Here, accessories do the work to saturate a largely white room—plus, they can be easily swapped out if you find your style shifting to a different palette.

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