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In the fictional world of TV’s Nine Perfect Strangers, everything that takes place at Masha’s (played by Nicole Kidman) holistic wellness retreat revolves around intention—from the daily smoothies down to the timed meditation sessions. Another detail she clearly put thought into? The zen-looking bedding. It turns out the set in question is Flocca linen from Hale Mercantile Co. So not only can you rent the luxurious villa in real life (yes, it’s actually an Airbnb outside of Byron Bay, Australia), you can re-create Tranquilium House’s cloudlike setup, except you can take the hallucinations and restless slumber part out of the equation.

The Hale Mercantile Co. set (including a duvet cover, pillowcases, and both fitted and flat sheets) is on the pricey side of linen at a cool $1,610, but depending on the outcome of the Hulu series, splurging might just be worth it.

warm toned linen bedding
Flocca Linen Bedding Set, Hale Mercantile Co. ($1,610)

Framed as a lifetime investment, the brand dyes each thread one by one rather than dyeing the whole textile once woven. This gives the material a saturated color (even after multiple washes), and a mix of French and Belgian flax ensures that ideal softness. 

If Hale Mercantile’s linens aren’t your style, or in your budget, have no fear—we found some alternatives. (Bed Threads is a great resource if you love to mix and match colors.)

For those whose bed is their command station, there’s no better option than to make that space the coziest possible. And if it has Melissa McCarthy’s stamp of approval, consider us check-in ready.