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There’s some bedding we love because it makes a statement—there’s seemingly no better way to switch up a bedroom with minimal effort than with bold linens. But what about those of us who are less “my bed is a decor statement” and more “my bed is a cozy oasis”?

Minimalist decorators and hygge aficionados, this is the bedding collection for you: Rebecca Atwood’s just-launched line of duvets, knit throws, pillows, and pillowcases is a thing of beauty, and it’s available to shop now.

From impeccable embroidery to dreamy, subdued graphics, the quality of this collection is immediately evident. Everything is made from the best material—such as the organic, 100 percent cotton percale duvets or the embroidered linen pillowcases made in India—with the express intent of creating something that looks like it’s been collected, instead of just picked up at a commercial store.

As for the inspiration behind the launch, Atwood has a simple (and extremely relatable) response.

“I’ve always wanted to have a bedding line—probably because I love sleep so much!” she says. “I believe so much of life relies on a good night’s sleep. I’m almost always in bed before 10 pm; it’s become a bit of a family joke because I’m always the first one to bed. I wanted to create designs that encourage you to get in bed early, wake up refreshed, and enjoy those everyday moments.”

For Atwood, launching this newest category felt like a natural progression of her brand, which exudes a similarly calming, effortlessly chic aesthetic. It translates well into bedding, as the entire line adheres to neutral hues peppered with the occasional pale pink or baby blue accent.

The collection is definitely on the pricier side of bedding, with items starting at $129 and going as high as $449, but it’s ideal for anyone who has been on the hunt for quality linens that will last a long time. The embroidered pillowcases and throws are simple, featuring basic stripes or tiny sayings like “good morning” and “early bird.” The rest of Atwood’s inaugural bedding collection includes five gorgeous prints inspired by nature.

First up, the cloud series is a marble-like print inspired by the shifting shapes and swirls in the sky. The ocean series looks like a pretty watercolor pattern, meant to make you feel “as though you’re looking at the surface of a sleepy and still bay at dusk.” The sun series is a warm pink hue that pays homage to the sunset light. A little more abstract, the cape series features imperfect lines reminiscent of the ripples of sand and water on the New England coast. Last but not least, the shadow series is graphic and—as the name suggests—inspired by the shadows created by light.

It’s the perfect next step for Atwood, whose fans will find that the designer has stayed true to her roots despite expanding to so many new products. We caught up with her to learn more about the new line, and get her tips on how to expertly mix and match bedding—because while subdued is simple, it definitely doesn’t have to be boring.

You have a philosophy of finding patterns that help you relax—can you elaborate on this? What types of patterns are best?

For me, painterly patterns feel calmer. I grew up on Cape Cod, and the coastal landscape is comforting. Think about places and memories you have that make you feel relaxed, then look for patterns that evoke that same feeling. It doesn’t have to be representational or directly tied to a specific place, but more about honing in on what makes you feel at ease. Everyone is different, and some people feel relaxed in a super minimal space, whereas other people need that “more is more” layered look to feel cozy and comfortable.

I focused on creating patterns that could also easily be layered with other pieces to create different looks. You can keep it soft and minimal, or make it more layered, depending on what you like.

What’s the theme of the collection, and how did you settle on one motif?

I thought about the places that made me feel most relaxed when designing this collection. I was inspired by soothing and calming natural elements: the ocean, clouds, moonlight, and the sun. Where do we want to fall asleep? Where do we want to wake up?

I want you to fall asleep on a cloud, wake up by the sea, and dream in the moonlight. I want you to be transported to your favorite place. The motifs for the patterns came from my sketchbooks and really just imagining these places that would be dreamy spots to fall asleep.

Which is your favorite print?

It would be really hard for me to pick one—but I can tell you which one I’d put in our current bedroom. I’m going to use the Painted Stripe in “Marine.” I have a few other patterns in the bedroom already, and the stripe mixes so easily with them both. I also love the color and how it looks with different neutrals. I’m sure I’ll constantly be changing it up though, and mixing in different pieces from the collection.

Can you share some tips on how to mix and match bedding?

1. If you’re new to mixing pattern and generally stick with a white bed, start with painterly patterns in neutral colors. This will help you keep that calm, dreamy feeling, but it will be more personal and layered.

2. A stripe mixes well with just about anything!

3. When you’re ready to explore more pattern mixing, stick with a cohesive color palette because it will help everything sit together. If you always buy your bedding in colors that look good together, it won’t matter what you put on the bed. This will help you make different looks, and you won’t tire of pieces as quickly.

4. Buy the pillowcases first. It’s a great way to see how you feel about a pattern, and it’s a fun way to change the look of your bed.

5. Pull your duvet back halfway and pair it with a cozy coverlet or blanket. This layered look gives you more room to play, and is practical because you can control how warm or cool you get when sleeping.

Rebecca Atwood’s new bedding collection is available online now at rebeccaatwood.com/collections/bedding.

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