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Over the past few years, we’ve started to really rethink mattresses, opting for newer models that better suit our bodies for the ultimate sleep. Now, there’s a new contender in the market, and it comes from an unlikely place: Parachute, known for its high-quality organic bedding, has launched its own mattress, and it’s just as thoughtfully made as you’d expect.

Let’s get one thing straight: Unlike many other current mattress competitors, Parachute’s “The Mattress” isn’t a typical bed in a box. It isn’t made of foam but rather five different layers of wool, pocketed coils, and micro-coils. With prices starting at $1,299 for a twin and $1,899 for a queen, it’s also more of an investment piece.

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The Mattress, Parachute ($1,899)

For those who might worry about what’s actually inside their mattresses, this one can provide some relief. According to Parachute, every component of its mattress is “recyclable, breathable, and eco-friendly,” so not only can you sleep easy knowing what you’re sleeping on, but you can also rest assured that your purchase won’t do extra damage to the environment.

Of course, you can’t know if a mattress will work for you until you actually sleep on it. So you can make use of Parachute’s 90-day trial. If it’s love at first sleep, a 10-year warranty will ensure that your relationship is longterm—without any back pain, achy joints, or insomnia.

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