Busy Philipps Didn’t Even Sit on Her Mattress Before Buying It

But it’s her new sleep savior.
Busy Philipps

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We spend a third of our lives asleep—that means our bedroom is the most lived-in space in our home. It’s the room where we start and end our days, and that’s why the rituals that happen there are extra important. In The Wind Down, we’ll be exploring the nighttime routines of people we admire and taking their advice to make the moments just before bed feel our best.

Busy Philipps has earned a rare achievement as a celebrity—she’s become the Internet’s best friend, a credit to her straightforward delivery, infectious sense of humor, and, of course, her addictive Instagram stories. The actress and author knows how to keep it real—which is why, in her daily routines, she’s all about doing what she needs to de-stress. (Hint: It often involves Schitt’s Creek.)

The busy mom of two and Poise ambassador gave us the scoop on her strategies for chilling out at the end of a typical day. 

Pajama priorities: My night starts when I put on Mr. Nightgown, which is a floral dress by Natalie Martin—my daughter Cricket refuses to allow me to put her to bed without my wearing it. After she’s asleep, I tuck in my older daughter.

Soak it up: I typically take a bath every night. I’m a really, really big believer in Epsom salts, especially when it’s lavender scented. While the tub is filling up, I wash my face and get a giant cup of water to drink because I like to make my bath very, very hot. 

Netflix and chill: I can see the television in our bedroom from the tub, so I watch one or two episodes of Schitt’s Creek while I’m sitting there. Once a week, it’s Last Week Tonight With John Oliver instead.

Skin saviors: After I get out of the tub, I moisturize all over and run a cold roller on my face. And, of course, put Mr. Nightgown back on.

Calm down: On occasion I meditate—I started doing it in the fall, and I find it very helpful. I practice Vedic meditation, which is very similar to Transcendental Meditation. 

Best bed: I was having an issue where my hands were going numb when I woke up in the morning. My physical therapist told me about this Somnium mattress that a lot of athletes use. So I did zero research and just took his word for it and ordered one—I didn’t even lay on it beforehand. It’s funny, because it feels remarkably uncomfortable when you sit down on it, but then you have the best night’s sleep of your life. You wake up and your entire body feels refreshed. 

Pillow talk: No shade to silk pillowcases, but they can look cheesy. However, they really do help your face and hair.

In the dark: I’m sensitive to light, so I need all electronics in my bedroom either shut off or covered up. I’m very, very particular.

Sleep soundtrack: I use an app as a white noise machine, but I actually—insanely—also have an original one from the Sharper Image. I got it when I was in sixth grade, and now it’s in Cricket’s bedroom. We call it Sheem. It has truly stood the test of time—it’s been around for 30 years. 

Lights-out between 10 and 11 p.m.!

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