12 Summer Essentials You Need Right Now From Jet.com

Stock up on these supplies, and you’re guaranteed to have the best summer ever.

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If there’s a season meant for spontaneity, it’s summer. Last-minute beach getaway? Why not! Backyard barbecue this Saturday? Count us in! Only thing is, when impromptu plans crop up, we’re not always fully prepared to have fun in the sun. And when you’re facing a cookout without ketchup—or worse, a beach trip sans sunscreen—it can put a serious damper on the day.  Thankfully, there’s Jet.com, which stocks every summer essential you’d possibly need—from ice cream to suncare. And they’re delivered right to your door, so you can spend your time and energy ensuring your summer soiree is a success, without stressing about getting to the store. Plus, every item from Jet ships for free when you spend $35—which, as these awesome products prove, won’t be hard to do—and you get 20 percent off with the code DOMINO20. See Jet.com for details and all of our summer picks.

Photography by JET.COM

Mint Straws

Is it just us, or do drinks taste better through a straw? These pastel straws make any beverage—from smoothies to mixed drinks—even more delicious, and you’ll sip soundly knowing they’re eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Mint straws, $3.01 for 24

Photography by JET.COM

Yellow Tray

There’s just something about delivering guests’ drinks or appetizers on a serving tray that adds extra elegance to any get-together. This cheery, square tray holds plenty of cocktails or hors d’oeuvres, and other days it doubles as a pretty place to store items on your coffee table.

Yellow tray, $25.34

Photography by JET.COM

Striped Dessert Plates

Take your dinnerware up a notch with these 7-inch plates that are perfect for serving cake, snacks, or any small bites. They’re disposable, making clean-up a snap, but they’re so sturdy you won’t have to worry about a precious slice of cake ending up on the ground.

Striped cocktail plate, $5.87 for 8

Photography by JET.COM

Croquet Set

Have extra room in your backyard, plus some restless guests? This full croquet set comes with equipment for up to 6 players—just what you need to make your active friends happy. It also comes with a convenient carrying case, so if you’re heading to the park or the beach, it’s easy to bring along.

Croquet set, $45.46

Photography by JET.COM

Ombre Beach Balls

These awesome light-up LED beach balls are just what your party needs. Passing them around in the pool, at the beach, or at outdoor concerts makes any summer bash even more memorable—and Instagram-worthy. And at this price, you don’t have to worry if one happens to go missing.

Inflatable Light-Up LED Beach Balls, $29.05 for set of 2

Photography by JET.COM

Watercolor Paint Set

From flower-filled fields to stunning sunsets to undulating ocean waves, all the sights of summer can inspire artistic desires. Anyone can take a iPhone photo, but capturing these scenes on paper with these non-toxic watercolor paints is so much impressive.

Watercolor set, $13.59

Photography by JET.COM

Beach Umbrella

You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a Gray Malin print when you set up this Italian-style, black-and-white beach umbrella. With a 6-foot diameter, it provides the shade you need when things get a little too hot on the sand, and it has a vent so it won’t blow away on windy days.

Beach umbrella, $149.95

Photography by JET.COM

Salad Servers

With juicy tomatoes and sweet corn at their peak ripeness, salads taste so much better this time of year. To serve up your greens with ease, use this elegant set of wooden salad tongs. They’re durable and eco-friendly to boot.

Salad servers, $9.75

Photography by JET.COM

Portable Grill

Whether you’re heading to the beach, a park, or campsite, keep the crowd happy and well-fed with this charcoal bucket grill. It can handle all of your BBQ needs, from burgers to late-night s’mores, and comes with a carrying case so it’s easy to transport.

Charcoal BBQ Bucket Grill, $31.76

Photography by JET.COM

Mini Watermelon

It’s just not a backyard barbecue without watermelon. These seedless, mini-melons are the cutest version of the fruit we’ve ever seen. Stock up and serve when guests arrive as a hydrating snack or healthy dessert.

Watermelon, $4.49

Photography by JET.COM

Salt Scrub 

You’re exposing more skin this time of year so you want it to be soft and glowing. This salt scrub is just the thing to eliminate rough elbows and knees, smooth feet, and give your skin a subtle sheen. It’s loaded with hydrating plant oils and circulation-boosting, mineral-rich salt—and it smells divinely fresh.

The Body Shop Spa of the World Dead Sea Salt Scrub, $27.31