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It’s no secret that a radiator can instantly be labeled as the eyesore of a room. A misfit among the decor and sometimes, the only thing your eye can see – (it’s just you, we promise). Nevertheless, enter 35 rather clever tricks and ideas for expertly concealing the unsightly radiator in your home. Take a look at these

radiator cover ideas


This intricately-detailed cover not only provides this kitchen with additional counter space, it also has us seriously considering the pattern in our own homes. Radiator or not.

A bright pop of color reserved for the room’s unsightly elements – heat pipe and radiator, we’re looking at you – can transform them into a dynamically accented touch.

A sweet pastel shade can turn an ugly radiator into a stylish accent. Bonus points for pairing it with similarly-hued items.

This modern wood cover blends so well with the decor, we’d be hard-pressed to think it didn’t come with the home.

Pair the radiator in the entry with a sleek and handy console by the door. No assembly required!

Installing a radiator cover doesn’t necessarily have to entail a degree in carpentry or a built-in system. These simplistic covers are refreshingly streamlined for the contemporary space.

Install a shelf above the radiator and transform it into a home bar! No one will be noticing what is underneath.

A backless credenza not only conceals the radiator, it also provides ample space for dining room storage.

Sideboard or radiator cover? You decide. This classically elegant guise is perfect for the dining room to keep cutlery and dinnerware close and at-hand.

This vertically-paneled radiator cover evokes an illusion of height to the space!

Embrace the radiator and keep it cover free! Install a floating shelf a few inches about the radiator for additional storage space or as an entry console.

What was once an unsightly radiator, is now your dream reading spot conveniently located right by the window.

This white and wood paneled disguise can almost pass for a faux fireplace.

Featuring a very chic fleur motif and an intricate border, this radiator cover is also a console for the compact entry.

A radiator cover that doubles as a standing desk? Now that’s a win in our book!

This patterned cover blends in with the wall-to-wall shelving while lending a chic decorative element to the room.

With a paneled side and a solid wood top, who could ever guess that a radiator lies underneath?

This floor-to-ceiling built-in bookcase also features a radiator, hidden behind the diamond-patterned double doors.

This unconventional fix features a slatted top and smooth side, which is paired with an adjoining shelf directly beneath.

Behind those closed doors lies a rather unsightly radiator, ingeniously disguised to fit in within the wall-to-wall cabinetry of this Scandinavian dining room.

Feeling bold? Opt for a deep or vibrant wall color that can seamlessly translate from the radiator to the wall, resulting in the perfect blend!

A fence-like structure built to conceal the radiator is perfect for the rustic living space – much like this bucolic cottage. Talk about bringing the outdoors in!

A lattice-patterned radiator cover complements the dual chrome aesthetic of this dreamy bathroom.

Once you’re certain that the radiator has been turned off for the season, install a shelf well above the radiator and conceal with a durable (preferably non-flammable) fabric.

A wooden block provides ample storage space for books and indoor plants, while fitting right in with the surrounding wooden details of the room.

A horizontally-paneled cover extends in height providing an additional source for storage.

With a cover featuring a petit square pattern, this chic disguise fits right in with the whitewashed elements of the room.

Not all radiator covers should look the same! We’re loving the eclectically scattered holes of this cover.

Take things a step further from a simple paint job and distract the eye with an over-the-top wallpaper surround.

Ditch the existing eyesore in the living room for one of these ultra stylish radiators instead!

A radiator cover with sleek paneled boards also provides convenient shelving in this all-white bathroom.

A streamlined disguise with a paneled front extends along the length of this living room, actually providing the space with a pleasant focal point.

The faux sideboard trick involves pairing a backless cabinet with the radiator. Yep, it’s as easy as that.

Top the radiator with a heat-proof surface to double as a shelf, cleverly lengthening the sill of the window.

Conceal the radiator within a built-in shelf featuring a door with two lengthy, horizontal cutout slabs.