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A petit shelf that doubles as a nightstand also makes for quite the comfortable desk when paired with a not-so-average office chair.

A floor-to-ceiling structure that spans the width of the room provides ample desk space for two, while further reestablishing the focal point of the room.

Bookshelf, desk, cabinet? You decide. This versatile piece ingeniously conceals a makeshift home office with a single door.

File this one under: best use of ladder shelves. Mount a floating shelf on the wall to ensure stability, and anchor with a pair of the ladders.

A home office carved within a little nook makes for a rather clever use of a cozy space. A shelf that hugs the wall supports a handful of books, complementing the modular structure with a dropdown desktop.

Reserve the lower shelf of a wall-to-wall floating shelf installation as your personal home office.

A shelf earmarked for art and plants lends a vibrantly colorful backdrop for the home office. We wouldn’t mind working from home if it meant spending a day in this exact spot.

Tucked in the corner of the living room beneath a dreamy built-in shelf, a wall-mounted slab of wood doubles as a mini desk space that is about as elegantly cozy as it gets.

Aside from providing the room with a minimal yet fully-functional storage system, this chic shelving unit also allows one to sneak in a desk.