how to hide your thermostat

6 clever ways to disguise this unsightly fixture.
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Can you spot the cover? A floating shelf paired with a stack of leaning prints makes for the perfect hideaway – and an even better accent wall!

We love the idea of using chic wall art to disguise a thermostat. This DIY macrame wall hanging does just the trick!

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A framed print (with a hinged side for easy accessibility) emulates an effortless cover for the stylish entry.

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A decorative element that doubles as an ingenious guise? Count us in! A rustic ladder paired with an eclectic mix of exotic textiles, allows for maximum coverage with plenty of style.

A DIY chalkboard, conveniently placed aside the kitchen entry, not only masks the thermostat, it also doubles as a much-needed message board.

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One of the more inconvenient features of a thermostat? It’s often located in the middle of an empty space, as a blaring contrast against the room’s wall paint. Try disguising it within a gallery wall, where a uniform set of frames help guide the line of sight away from the fixture.

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